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Sex: F
Age: Old enough to wish I were young again
Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA
ICQ#: 66443580
I’m a freckle-faced, near-sighted, fourth generation Chinese woman. Being only 4 feet 11 inches, I’m always the one who makes “short” women feel tall. My breasts aren’t as pert as they used to be <snaps her fingers> and someday I may get over my dislike of exercise enough to get back to my ideal weight and tone up. (I can almost remember the days when I used to curse not being about to find a size four on the rack.) But, I have a great, and frequently seen, smile and the cutest toes you’ve ever seen. (One of them even has a beauty mark.)

If you met me you would never guess that inside me lives a highly sexual person who imagines all sorts of lurid things and visits an erotic website daily. In my “real life” I’m an upstanding member of the PTA, wife and mother of two, and a teacher of innocent first-graders. Behind the façade, I am “whispersecret,” a writer of steamy erotica who would love someday to be fucked up against a wall.

Hostile Takeover
Hostile Takeover Ch. I - Father gives Fiona to business associate.
Hostile Takeover Ch. II - Father listens as Rockwell takes Fiona.
Hostile Takeover Ch. III - Rockwell tries to tame young Fiona.
Hostile Takeover Ch. IV - Rockwell brings out Fiona's wild side.
Hostile Takeover Ch. V - Fiona and Rockwell are ambushed.
Hostile Takeover Ch. VI - Fiona sees her father.
Hostile Takeover Ch. VII - Rockwell experiences new feelings.
Hostile Takeover Ch. VIII - Fiona confronts Rockwell, & Father.
Hostile Takeover Ch. IX - Fiona realizes the truth about the tape.
Hostile Takeover Ch. X - Rockwell's contract for Fiona expires.

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