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Sexy Eyes
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Sex: F
Age: 21
Location: Ontario, Canada
ICQ#: not available

Well it has been a couple of months since I have posted my stories and a few pictures of myself here at Literotica. I have gotten many e-mails, and did not reply to all of them, but I am taking this opportunity to thank everyone that sent me a feedback. It was greatly appreciated, and I shall try to write more stories soon. As noticed, I am going for a new look for the pics that I have posted here, I am going from the sexy and revealing to JUST sexy, and CLASSY.

I am a very strong minded woman, and sometimes it is good to show yourself off, but I believe that beauty comes from the inside, now I have posted nothing but face shots of myself in my ~PIC~ page here. I have to admit, I got many e-mails that were, hmmm...let's just say that I deleted them as soon as I saw a word I didn't like. My goal here at Literotica is not to lead anyone on by posting revieling pictures of myself (even though it really seems like I meant to do that)my goal here however is that I enjoy sharing my thoughts with other individuals.

All this being said, I want to thank everyone once again for all the e-mails I have gotten ~smiles~

WOW I have just seen that I am in the top 10 Amateur Pics with your votes, THANK YOU ALL! I hope that my posting only classy shots will not make my votes go any lower :(

Gym Fling Pt. I - You and friends loosen up in the steam room.
Gym Fling Pt. II
- Foursome continues fun.
How About a Little Domination... - Threesome power play.
Lust at First Glance
- She responds to you instantly.
Modeling Shoot
- Girl meets photographer.
My Fantasy - Wife gives hubby a treat at work.
Penny For Your Thoughts - She's distracted by sexy blonde.
Sexy Sexy_Eyes - Sexy girl with sexy eyes shows her sexy self. PIC
Sexy_Eyes Pt. II - Pretty brunette with mysterious eyes. PIC
Teaser - She wants to do it all to you.
Threesome - She & Mitch enjoy girl at club.

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