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Sex: F
Age: mid 40's
Location: UK
ICQ#: not given
I'm in my mid-forties and from the UK, married since time out of mind and with two sons aged 7 & 12. I used to write secretly for years as an outlet for my many frustrations until about fifteen years ago when I burnt the lot and tried to put all my fantasies behind me... Years of dullness followed until I discovered the net and a friend introduced me to Literotica, where he had a story published. I read a few and the old urges came back... before I knew where I was I'd started writing again. I'm actually trying to live a little as well so I'm not feeling quite as frustrated as before but nothing beats the feeling of finishing a story and then seeing it posted on site! I hope, therefore, that I have a few more stories left in me still to tell...
Prostitute - You send your wife out for a night on the town.
- Submissive gets what she needs.

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