Hot Erotic Stories.

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Blind Date - Marion's appointment proves out of the ordinary.
- Chad gets what he wants.
Requiem for a Porn Star - poetry by Willailla
The Degradation of Anne Morrow - She plays with strangers.
The Necrophiles Have Your Wife
- Strange man calls Allison.
The Necrophiles Have...Pt. II - Barry plays trick on Allison.
The Necrophiles Have...Pt. III - Kidnapper contacts Allison.
The Necrophiles Have...Pt. IV - Allison meets Sid.
The Necrophiles Have...Pt. V - Sid sells Allison to a cult.
The Necrophiles...Pt. VI - Reporter follows a dangerous lead.
The Necrophiles...Pt. VII - Janet prepares to go undercover.
The Necrophiles...Pt. VIII - Janet's plans go awry.
The Necrophiles...Pt. IX - Jake receives disturbing tape.
The Necrophiles...Pt. X - Barry takes Barbara.

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