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Sex: F
Age: 38, soon to be 39
Location: Northern California, USA
ICQ#: not given
I am a happily married, mother of 2 children. I am a licensed Certified Public Accountant. I have written short stories and poetry since the angst of teenage years. I read romance novels in my youth. As I became older, I wanted something a little more edgy and discovered Black Lace erotica as well as classic "naughty books" such as The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty, The Story of O, and the Delta of Venus. It seemed like a natural progression to start writing erotic short stories.

I still read frequently and often I read from the Literotica list. I hope you enjoy my stories!

A Trip to the Beach - Wife blossoms sexually with friend's help.
An Evening with Denise
- Relationship with coworker deepens.
Best Friends - Couple helps Gary revive his marriage.
Car Tales
- Older man seduces Mustang enthusiast.
- Married friends are drawn to each other.
Gym Revised
- Sweaty workout develops into lesbian lust.
My Class Reunion
- Husband gets a chance with high-school crush.
Open House
- Mystery man shows accountant the night of her life.
Outdoors with Richard - She 'kidnaps' you for an adventure.
Passion - Blindfolded woman gives herself to unseen men.
Phillip - She's reunited with a man from her past.

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