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Sex: F
Age: 24
Location: Southern California, USA
ICQ#: none
I live in Southern California, though I am originally from the San Francisco area. I'm 5'11", with blonde hair and blue eyes; I am married with no children. This does not, however, mean there is no sex in my life. (Marriage does not always kill sex, the people who told us this were either lying or speaking purely for themselves. ) I am a graduate student, teacher, and sometime writer. Erotica has become an obsession of mine over the last few years. I have written a lot, but have just recently started posting. Feedback is always appreciated.
A Rainy Saturday Night - Guy is seduced by mystery brunette.
Blood Lust Pt. I - Unlikely guy becomes a vampire hunter.
Images 2 - poetry by RisiaSkye
Lust - poetry by RisiaSkye
Nightfall - poetry by RisiaSkye
The Touch - poetry by RisiaSkye
Trap - poetry by RisiaSky
Victoria's Dirty Little Secret - She's overcome by professor.

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