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Sex: lots ;o) (F)
Age: 21
Location: California, USA
ICQ#: 33502414 (If you message me please give reference to literotica so i don't ignore you)
I'm an English chick living it up in the states at the moment. Came to California in search of sun, sea, sand and somthing else... all i seem to be able to find is something else :o) I love reading erotic stories, figured I'd take a try at it myself. Don't know if I'm any good or not, you guys are the judge of that.
Coffee Shop Encounter - She meets you, & can't resist you.
Fantasies Pt. I
- Bicurious woman falls for Amanda.
Fantasies Pt. II - Bicurious girl meets with lovely Amanda.
Ms. Mystery
- Maneater takes man home to play.
-  She's living with a very odd couple...
Roommate's Ravishing -  Girl forced into sexual slavery by roommates.
Roommate's Revenge -  She turns the table on domineering couple.
Teletubbies -  Kid's favorites in an X-rated adventure.

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