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Sex: F
Age: 23
Location: Pennsylvania, USA
ICQ#: 45982392
I have been visiting erotica for about 6months on a daily basis. I love to read stories, and I searched the web looking for a site like this. Finally a friend of mine sent me the link. A month or so back I got brave and added my photos to amatuer pic page. I have not yet became brave enough to bare all but I promise you I will get there one of the days. Until then you will just have to deal with my "seductive yet tasteful" (quoted from a fan) photos. I am married with 2 children. I live in a quiet country town with nothing to do but read erotica. So here I am reading erotica.
A Little Bit of Nickii - Meet pretty Nickii.
A Little Bit More of Nickii
- Nickii shows skin.
Nickii Revealing More - Nickii shows more skin.

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