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Sex: F
Age: 28
Location: New Jersey, USA
ICQ#: none
Okay let me reveal the true Renee. I am 5'3". Depending on what day it is, I weigh between 98-103lbs. My real name is Renee however, I will keep my last name to myself. I am married with no kids. I always look tan due to my Olive colored skin. I have long naturally curly hair, which spirals down to around the middle of my back. It is Dk. Blonde/Light Brown. My eyes are blue/green. I live in New Jersey, and I am an Accountant by day and a sex fiend by night. I love to listen to music, hang out with friends enjoying life, I also enjoy horse back riding, kick boxing, outbidding Nicole at the Auction, and any other thing that catches my interest at the time.

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