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Sex: M
Age: 32
Location: USA
ICQ#: 32541146
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In the immortal words of Dennis Leary, "I like hockey and porno and books
about war...".

In my free time I run a little website of my own, (you might find a link for
it around this site somewhere...). I'm married and am the proud father of 2
cats, Annie (a Ragdoll, age 10), and Cleo (what do you call a mutt cat?, age
4). Having given up on my dreams of world domination, I'm content these
days to spend my time cursing at people who don't know how to merge, and
generally lamenting the decline of modern civilization. I also have 227
cable TV channels, none of which I like (I believe it was Ving Rhames in the
role of Don King who said, "...These HBO motherfuckas..."). And,
suprisingly enough, I think I'm one of the few people in this world who can
honestly say that he's happy with the way his life has turned out.


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