Hot Erotic Stories.

A Day In Bed - Archie and Betty do everything but sleep.
Agatha - Woman seduces homeless man in public park.
Betty & Veronica - He gets the Christmas present of a lifetime.
Betty's First Orgasm - He gives her pleasure for the first time.
Brandon's Adventures: The '60s Ch 1 -  Boy learns about sex.
Brandon's Adventures: The '60s Ch 2 -  Boy & girl get closer.
Brandon's Adventures... Ch 3 -  Tammy tries oral.
Brandon's Adventures... Ch 4 -  New girl piques his interest.
Brandon's Adventures... Ch 5 -  Brandon loses his virginity.
Brandon's Adventures... Ch 6 -  He tells Tammy about Lydia.
Brandon's Adventures... Ch 7 -  Brandon talks to Tammy.
Brandon's Adventures... Ch 8
-  Jamie gives him trouble.
Brandon's Adventures... Ch 9 -  Tammy makes a confession.
Games With My Sister - Siblings play while parents are away.
Growing Up With Sis - Brother & sister grow close.
Growing Up With Sis II - Continuing story of brother and sister.
Growing Up With Sis III - More brother sister sexual adventure.
In Love With Sis - Brother gets very close to his sexy sister.
Long Lost Lovers -  Past lovers meet unexpectedly.
Miss Katlin - Hot teacher gives him private lessons.
My Assistant - Manager meets young new red-headed intern.
My First Time - Sex with sister's friend while sister watches.
My Sis And I - Older sister moves in and brother is in trouble!
On The Road - Erotic adventures on tour with The Archies Band.
Sex at the Supermarket - Sexy teenage checker seduces older man.
Steamy Baths - Man finds paradise in hotel sauna.
Teen Experiences - Jack and Ben's games take erotic turn.
The Adventures Of Betty I - Comic book siblings get very close.
The Adventures Of Betty II
- Betty takes Archie to the prom.
The Adventures Of Betty III - Betty gets detention, and likes it.
The Adventures Of Betty IV - Betty & Veronica graduate with a bang.
The Adventures of Betty V - She leaves town in search of  sex.
The Freshman Party - Girl loses virginity at dorm party.
The Ride to N.Y. - Crazy couple puts on a show on bus.
Tropical Paradise - Couple enjoys masseuse at island getaway.
Young, in the Woods - Uncle and niece in a secluded cabin.

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