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Weird Harold   
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Sex: M
Age: Six years, to the day, older than Disneyland.
Location: "No Lost Wages", NV USA
ICQ#: none
(aka Dirty Old Man)
I'm 6'3/4", 109 lbs; divorced for 17 years, and retired from the US Air Force for 11 Years. When I retired, I promised myself I'd take a vacation from shaving and haircuts for a full year. I'm still on vacation. For those who care about such things, I retired after 21 yrs, 3 mo, and 3 days (or thereabouts) active duty, with the rank of MSgt (E7).

In addition to 'Dirty Old Man', there are 'GrandPa', 'Dad', 'The Lone Do-gooder', and 'The Recluse' living in my head. We've been known as Weird Harold since 1969. 'GrandPa' is the youngest at only five.)

There is currently no SO. I'm half-heartedly looking for a 25-year-old girl who wants to live in sin with a man twice her age.

Weird Harold's Beauties - Author poses with seven lovely ladies.

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