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Sex: M
Age: 44
Location: Vermont, USA
ICQ#: 75475357
I am a semi-professional skibum. While I have Masters degree in education, this is a bad place to try and find a teaching job. Besides, skiing is more fun. I have started several erotic stories, but due to a regrettable lack of ambition I have never finished any. Maybe someday....
Sex School Ch. I - Newlyweds honeymoon at The Institute.
Sex School Ch. II - Institute's founders demonstrate for the students.
Sex School Ch. III - Their triad explores their fantasies.
Sex School Ch. IV - Stuart confesses desires to Elizabeth.
Sex School Ch. V - Janet confesses deep dark secret to the group.
Sex School Ch. VI - The counselors help Mike & Janet.
Sex School Ch. VII - Two couples enjoy a hot soak.
Sex School Ch. VIII - Mike & Janet learn from Sara & Jim.
Sex School Ch. IX - Mike & Janet attend a wild dinner.
Sex School Ch. X - Jim learns Janet's secret.
Sex School Ch. XI - In the shower, Janet comes clean with Mike.
Sex School - Epilogue - Mike & Janet complete their training.
Supergirl, Whining - Life ain't easy for Super-teen.
Superman's Lament - It ain't easy being the Man of Steel.
The Dark Stranger Visits - Susan meets the dashing El Toro.

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