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Sex: F
Age: 29
Location: Ohio, USA
ICQ#: none
Hi, I am a 5'5" 175 lb dishwater blonde hair with green eyes. I am a size 16
and have a 38 D cup.

I have two kids that I love dearly and a fiance' who I adore immensely. I
enjoy traveling, gambling, camping, movies, reading, and going out to eat
often. I love exploring new avenues but am a shy woman. I expect a lot from
my friends, thats probably why I only have a few good friends. I have slowly
emerged from my closet and this site is helping me do that. I really enjoy
the stories and have learned from them. Thanks :) to all of the authors.
You all are doing such a fine job.

My personal quote:
"Eveything happens for a reason so stop and take a look around for the signs
and you will realize you already know all the reasons, they lay deep inside


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