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Svedish Chef
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Sex: M
Age: 21
Location: Victoria, Australia
ICQ#: 72480511
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Ahhhh let me see, I found a site with free stories and thought gee thats handy. Just an average bi guy who is intelligent enough not to go raping everything he sees, just his hand. Keep myself occupied with a course and work experience.... I don't got on the net as often as I like because I have to rely on the kindness of strangers(or friends). I'd love to review/ correct any stories you might have and hope that one day I'll have a story for you.

Likes : Music, muppets, sport, intelligence, beauty, long hair and women who ask men out!
Dislikes : Shyness(unfortunately it shapes my life), homophobes, stupidity, arrogance, drugs(I don't need them so why does everyone else)
OK thats it enjoy.....!


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