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Lois Wins - Wife changes hubby via online erotica.
My Niece Eva Pt I - Sexy Eva comes to stay with uncle.
My Niece Eva Pt II - Eva makes a shocking request.
My Niece Eva Pt III - Eva gets to the point.
My Niece Eva Pt IV - Sultry Eva makes promises.
My Niece Eva Pt V - He gives it to her everywhere.
My Niece Eva Pt VI -  Eva offers uncle the ultimate prize.
My Niece Eva Pt VII -  He takes her in a special place.
My Precious Neighbor Pt. I
- Man yearns for older housewife.
My Precious Neighbor Pt. II - He grows closer to Nancy.
My Precious Neighbor Pt. III - He touches her for the first time.
My Precious Neighbor Pt. IV - They seduce each other.
My Precious Neighbor Pt. V - He takes her.
The Handyman -  Shy handyman meets insecure woman, and sparks fly.
The Handyman Again Ch I - She needs him to fix her.
The Handyman Again Ch II - Handyman makes house call.
The Handyman Again Ch III - She seduces the shy Handyman.
The Handyman Again Ch IV - He brings her to heaven... twice.
The Handyman Again Ch V - More sex play in her bedroom.
The Handyman Again Ch VI - Handyman fixes her good.

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