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Sex: M
Age: late 20's
Location: Oregon
ICQ#: none
I was born in Southern California, and lived in Alaska for over 20 years before deciding to travel around the country for a while. I lived in D.C. for a year, Vermont for two, ran all over the east coast, and have ended up in Oregon. I'm a "professional", whatever that means, and try hard not to spend all day in the office, so I can get out on my bike, or get out to the ocean, or cook a great meal, or read a book, or if I'm fortunate, have a wild night in bed. I'm a Scorpio, and have all the classic qualities.

I'm hetero, tend to be on the submissive side, and am pretty open about anything in bed, whether done by or to me. I am not as creative a writer as I would like to be, so I enjoy reading others' work on this site.


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