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My name is Mr. Neb. The origin of the name would most likely bore you so I won't take the space to provide it. I am a big fan of reading erotica because I have found film so disappointing. That medium has become so mechanical, predictable, boring, impersonal and most importantly, has lost all sensuality and passion. Sadly, most erotic/pornographic writing also suffer from those same attributes but the spectrum of quality seem much broader to me. I have been able to find enough good writing to keep my interest. I am a practitioner of erotic writing because I do not have the resources to make films!

I seem to prefer the writings of women authors. Pardon the generalities but I find that women write softer, more intimate, more personal and more passionate stories and yet they can still be graphic. More often than not, they tend to take the time to develop a reason for the characters to be involved. It also heightens the fantasy for me knowing that a woman is describing her sexual desires.

It is my quest is to write the perfect erotic story enjoyable by both men and women; very explicit yet sensual and passionate. It is a noble albeit unachievable goal to be sure but that is what motivates me to try again and again.

I am human, male, imperfect so therefore I possess biases and dislikes. (I make no excuses for them but do recognize their existence.) I wish they didn't but alas, these shortcomings are reflected in my stories. As a result there are common attributes to my stories. They are almost always consensual but sometimes represent new boundaries for the characters. There is always a positive outlook on sex. The characters usually have a relationship to each other beyond just the sex. Most of my stories are centered on couples and usually married. Any bisexuality or homosexuality is between women only. Oral sex is almost always a part of every story but not always the central theme.

In spite of these short comings, I do think there a few attributes that may set my writings apart from others. I write some of my stories from the perspective of a female. This heightens the enjoyment for me on several levels. I can create a story that I wish had been written by a female author. I can fabricate the feelings I would like a woman to have given the character/author's situation. Finally, I like the idea women talking dirty better than a man. These stories are written under the name Ms. Neb but it's really me. I use the feminine pen name just for consistency between the tile and the story. I think it keeps the reader from being distracted.

Another major characteristic to almost all of my stories is that there is a significant emphasis on the wetter aspects of sex. In writings and film, generally and aside from the male climax, sex is rarely described as the messy business that it actually is. Sex has texture, smell and taste. It is not just a visual and tactile experience. I have particular passion for these oft ignored senses and make a concerted effort to include them in my stories and in many cases, they are the central theme.

Lastly, on a personal note, I have been married for 18 years. My wife is the sexual partner of my dreams. I have seen no film nor read any story that comes near the fantasy that I experience every time we are in bed. Sex with her is erotic in the purest sense. Her emotional commitment to the process and the intensity that she provides is truly remarkable. In spite of my sincerest efforts, I am sure that ours is an inequitable relationship. This fact just deepens my love for her and motivates me to try even harder.

I would very much enjoy hearing from anyone regarding erotic, whether mine or yours.

-Mr. Neb

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