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A Bit of Leather - She takes him on wild journey into pleasure & pain.
A Business Arrangement - Woman fulfills needs at office.
A Business Arrangement Pt. II - She plays slut to couple.
A Change of Pace - He ties her up in the lake house.
A Day in the Life of a Slave - She loves her Master.
A Different Kind of Therapy - Doctor brings out his sub side.
A Dominant Wife - Wife makes husband her sex slave.
A Fantasy - Young tease learns a lesson.
A Golden Moment - Amber's seduced by urinating woman.
A Good Relationship - Cross-dresser gets help from stranger.
A Good Relationship Pt. II - Cross-dresser visits neighbor Howard.
A Good Relationship Pt. III - Howard and Matt play with Ian.
A Good Relationship Pt. IV - Cross-dresser plays a blushing bride.
A Good Relationship Pt. V - He entertains African dignitaries.
A Good Relationship Pt. VII - Transvestite meets new man.
A Good Relationship Pt. VIII - Crossdresser meets Dan's friends.
A Little Restraint - He's bound by sexy mysterious cyber friend.
A Master's Pet - His precious slave is punished, then pampered.
A Perfect Night - Braiden binds his lovely wife.
A Slave Party - She invites you to serve her.
A Slut is Born - Roommate Sarah is more than meets the eye.
A Submissiveness Journey - Woman discovers her true nature.
A Tight Reunion - Two men's leotard fetish goes a step further.
A Torn Newsprint Picture - He finds strange photo & beds odd girl.
A Panty Story - He's caught with step-sister's panties.
Abased and Humiliated - Mike meets an unusual couple.
Abused No More - Woman discovers her true nature.
Act Out Pt. I - Fiancees discover the joys of roleplaying.
Act Out Pt. II - Couple recovers from night of debauchery.
Act Out Pt. III - Ron & Helen plan their wedding night.
After A Fashion - Brian works for the lovely, twisted Sherrie.
Alice: A Fantasy -  She rides he who worships her - literally.
Amy Takes Over - She dominates her boyfriend.
An Angel For Christmas - Wife gives him a special present.
An Angel For Christmas Pt. II - "Cathy" makes way for "Angel".
An Angel For Christmas Pt. III - They enjoy more Christmas.
Andrea's Helper - She seduces and tortures a homeless man.
Angela's Domination - Catholic schoolgirl virgin is drugged and bound.
Angela's Revenge - Rage transforms meek jilted wife.
Annabell - They try stockings, golden showers, & more.
Another Saturday - Master & slave spend the afternoon together.
Anything For You Pt. I - High school teacher picks up the wrong girl.
Anything For You Pt. II - "April" gives Jim something new.
Anything For You Pt. III - "April" gives Jim a nasty surprise.
Are You Down? - Couple takes debauchery to the next level.
Birth of a Malesub - Nikki shows Greg a whole new world.
Bliss and Alex...Slaves! - Master and Mistress punish them.
Bindings - She's tested by her Master.
Blind Date - Marion's appointment proves out of the ordinary.
Blind Faith - Tyann's learns the true meaning of trust.
Bliss and Alex...Slaves! Pt. II - Bliss tries domination.
Bliss in the Master's Chambers - Master summons Bliss.
BobbyJo Sue, Trailer Park Queen - Simple gal gets a Master.
Body Modification - Married girl loses herself to drugs and tattoos.
Bondage - You're so naughty, he has to punish you...
Bondage Fantasy - He takes wife on wild adventure.
Boy Story - Submissive guy is punished by Master and Mistress.
Breaking In Pt. I - Submissive husband takes the reins.
Broken - He & Holly play Master and slave.
Captive Audience Pt. I - Businessman meets wild shop owner.
Captive Audience Pt. II - Mistress introduces Jerry to Phillip.
Carol's Lactating Breasts - Sis-in-law helps relieve pregnant Carol.
Cassandra's First Lesson - Young slave is broken in.
Cassandra's First Lesson Pt. II - She returns for more lessons.
Caught - Master catches Nathan leaving without permission.
Chair - She ties him up to please him.
ChamberMaid - Master takes dark-haired green-eyed Lota.
Christina's Choice - Lovely wife plays slave to happy husband.
Cigarette?? - Slave tells Master about her dream.
Chloe and Zoe - Conjoined twins make an unusual request.
Club Spartacus II: My Submission - He becomes their "dog".
Club Spartacus III... - Two girls dominate Jim.
College Life 101 Ch. 2 - Sexy girl from bar isn't what he expected.
Come to My Special... Pt. I - She meets you, her Master.
Come to My Special... Pt. II - Her slave fantasy continues.
Complete Control - A journey into the world of BDSM.
Consequence of Jealousy - You learn the dangers of envy.
CRACK! - Sexy woman gets the paddle.
Dark Surprise - She's blindfolded and enjoyed by strangers.
Darlene's Story Pt. III - Darlene is transformed.
Dave's Wife - Brian discovers coworker's odd homelife.
Day Two - She's dominated by handsome stranger.
Dear Terri - Lover is humiliated once again.
Discovering My Girlfriend Ch. I - Russian hottie turns the tables.
Discovering My Girlfriend Ch. II - Sara moves in.
Discovering My Girlfriend Ch. III - Natalia lays down the law.
Discovering My Girlfriend Ch. IV - He's taken out on the town.
Discovering My Girlfriend Ch. V - James discovers their secret life.
Discovering My Girlfriend Ch. VI - His mother comes to visit.
Dominant Orders - She orders you to please her in bath.
Donna Meets An Old Friend - Chuck helps out wayward woman.
Dream Lover - Lera learns to give herself over completely.
Dripping Wet - Men share love of leotards.
Electrician Master - He plays with platinum blonde's wiring.
Elizabeth My Love - Submissive husband's homelife inexplicably changes.
Fair Game Pt. I - Jock discovers secret life of sexy teacher.
Fair Game Pt. II - David blackmails hot teacher & her shemale lover.
Fair Game Pt. III - Cheerleader will do anything for his secret.
Fair Game Pt. IV - David gets surprise of his life.
Fancy Dress Party - Master takes you to a mysterious costume ball.
First Bondage - Couple tries a new kink.
First Time -  Boys dominates his perfect match.
Flight Instruction Pt. I - Submissive man meets flight attendant.
Flight Instruction Pt. II - Man is caught in customs with xxx zines.
Flight Instruction Pt. III - Flight attendant joins back in the fun.
Fun With Rope Pt. I - Hubby fulfills wife's bondage fantasy.
Fun With Rope Pt. II - Mike brings others for Julie to enjoy.
Geri's Night Out Pt. I - Jerry becomes Geri and meets swingers.
Geri's Night Out Pt. II - Crossdresser enjoys Tommy and Pam.
Girls' Sports - He's a big fan of women athletes.
Good Morning! Pt. II - He disciplines her like she needs.
Halloween Surprise - Subs are invited to eerie party.
Harsh Discipline - Slave is late, and Mistress punishes him.
Helen, Roger, & Me Pt. I - He becomes part of couple's games.
Helen, Roger, & Me Pt. II - He visits Roger & Helen.
Helen, Roger, & Me Pt. III - He entertains Helen's party guests.
Helen, Roger, & Me Pt. IV - Threesome visits nude beach.
Helen, Roger, & Me Pt. V - Captive turns tables on captors.
Hell Hath No Fury... - Mary seeks revenge on Gary, and he likes it.
Her - She waits in darkness for Master to free her.
Her Master's Pleasures Pt III - Slave pleases Master.
Her New Whip - She's achin' to break it in.
Her Toy Ch. I - Sexy babysitter puts him in his place.
Her Toy Ch. II - Brandi brings a friend.
His - She belongs to him.
His First Time - Wife gives him the punishment he deserves.
Hot Date - She aches to be the man for you.
Hot For Bellybutton Play - Navel fetishist finds satisfaction online.
How About a Little Domination... - Threesome power play.
Hubby Cleans Up Pt. II - She shaves hubby.
Hymn Pt. II - She returns the shop to find her Master.
I Came Early - Husband with tights fetish secretly watches wife.
I Like It - Two guy friends share a secret fetish.
I No Longer Have A Clit To Lick - Bitter woman turns on herself.
I Wonder if You Really Know - She craves your dominance.
Innocence Lost Ch. XXXIV - Innocence is lost in the country.
Itchy Nipples - Husband is drawn to crossdressing.
Jen Again - Young girl humiliates him, and he adores her still.
Jezebel - Master shaves his pet.
John's Story - He "kidnaps" her, then takes her to new lows.
Josh's Surprise - She dresses to dominate.
Julie 2 - Hot weekend goes sour for bombshell's fiancé.
Katie - Two girls meet & enjoy food together.
Kaitlin's Tale VII - She faces her final test.
Kelli's Revenge Pt. III - Kelli gets back at evil Erin.
Kelly's Bukkake - Woman is intrigued by Japanese sex ritual.
Kitchen Fun - D's punished by loving Master armed with tape & tacks.
Laurel's Tale - Slave girl pleases Caligula & Drucilla.
Learning My Lesson - Hubby is caught being bad, and is punished.
Learning to Beg - Master allows her to earn her orgasms.
Lemonade - Aunt, neighbor & him enjoy golden shower games.
Losing Control! - Dominating woman changes his plans.
Lunch With Max - New teacher desires instruction from Faculty head.
Making of a Slave - Tara teaches Callum how to serve her.
Marinah One - Exotic nympho hungers for power, and more.
Mark's Surprise Pt. I - Mark catches Diana in "the act".
Master - Woman gets strange letter & embarks on erotic adventure.
Master - He shares her with another man.
Master & Servant - She's lovingly punished by her master.
Megan Learns Her Lesson -  Slave girl breaks rules and pays for it.
Meghan Gets a Surprise - Lover ties woman to bed.
Miss - She waits trembling for a stranger's touch.
My Best Friend's Mom - Foot massage leads to passion.
My Guy - Wife and friend share sex slave husband.
My Master - You give yourself to him completely.
My Master's Gift to Me Pt. I - Slave's intimate areas are shaved.
My Miss - He'll do anything to please her.
My Session with Mistress Julie - He volunteers for toilet servitude.
My Slave - Sexual power struggle between husband & wife.
My Slave Pt. II -  Continuing adventures of enslaved husband.
My Slave Pt. III -  Tables turn on dominating wife.
My Slut's Dessert - Master & slave give waitress a treat.
My Snow Adventure - Master commands slave in snowstorm.
My True Master -  Stranger takes young girl from library.
My Wife the Mistress - She dominates him completely.
New Heights - Master introduces slave to new game.
New Slave Pt. I - Man is kidnapped and dominated.
Nikki Tries B&D - Adventurous couple tries a new kink.
Nymphomania Ch. 1 - College guy is kidnapped and transformed.
Nymphomania Ch. 2 - He returns to school as a she.
Nymphomania Ch. 3 - His new female body is insatiable.
On The Road: A Femdom Story - Bisexual dom trains her boyfriend.
One Night Slave - He wins a bet with sexy Kelli.
Our Stolen Hour - She waits nervously for Geoff to play.
Pain & Punishment - Slave Nathan endures exquisite torture.
Paramour of Pleasure - He comes to her seeking ecstasy.
Passion - Blindfolded woman gives herself to unseen men.
Personal - She finds her Master through an ad.
Pleasing Katrina - Woman wakes up tied up & learns to love it.
Pool Fun Pt. IV - Amber's hubby comes home, with wild results.
Power - Lonely business owner is blackmailed by ebony employee.
Punishing My Husband - Dominatrix wife tells her side of the story.
Punishment & Pleasure - She gets the paddle.
Punishment Report Week II - Wife& friends humiliate hubby
Roommates -  She's living with a very odd couple...
Roommate's Ravishing -  Girl is sex slave to roommates.
Roommate's Revenge -  She turns the table on domineering couple.
Sandy Learns How To Beg - Tom teaches Sandy a sexy lesson.
Sarah Pt. I - Transvestite teen is caught by sister & her boyfriend.
School Story - Mistress puts slave beneath her school desk.
Sexgames - She succumbs to slave fantasies.
Sex Slave Story Ch. I - Slave & master begin journey.
Sex Slave Story Ch. II - Slave is ravaged by lusty group.
Sex Slave Story Ch. III - Slave discovers toys.
Sex Slave Story Ch. V - Slave gets bath, and master gets shower.
Shades of O - Jenna yearns for domination... and gets it.
Shades of O Pt. II - He punishes her like she craves.
Shades of O Pt. III - She's caught pleasuring herself, & is punished.
Shaking the Sheik - Oil titan tests his new slave.
She Waits - Bound woman uses her mind to achieve ultimate pleasure.
Silk Scarves - He ties her up for the first time.
Slave Girl At Night - Sandra sells herself into slavery, & loves it.
Slut Demonstration - Rebecca shows off her piercing.
Solario's Story - Young man seeks guidance and training from couple.
Sorry, She is Tied Up... - Sherri discovers she likes being bound.
Stranger in the Park - Show-off transvestite flashes drivers.
Stranger in the Park Pt. II - He goes on a second date.
Submissive Trudy - Mr. Wilson dominiates the sexy nympho.
Supply & Demand - Handsome, self-assured man is conquered.
Surprise Cuisine - Couple meets waitress with surprise in her pants.
Surprised Teacher - Young teacher takes home a surprise.
Swiped - He pays price for overdue loan.
Teaching Sheila - Slave loves to be taught a lesson.
Teacher's Pets - Dominating woman gives 2 boys love lessons.
Terror - Wife takes grisly revenge on cheating husband.
Tessa Jo - Master shows Jeb how to treat young virgin.
The Affair - Sexual play on a dark deserted road.
The Ambassador Club Pt. I - Joanne is taken to mysterious club.
The Ambassador Club Pt. II - Joanne's initiation continues.
The Apartment Complex Pt. I - Lactating landlady sells complex.
The Assignment - She goes to meet & serve her Master.
The Blackmail of Kelly - Thief is made an offer she can't refuse.
The Businesswoman... - Cabbie's manipulated by mystery blonde.
The Candle - Master gives her a waxing.
The Counteroffer - She indoctrinates young virgin, with help.
The Draghkar - Evil mistress unleashes a demon. with AUDIO
The Drive - Man helps girl get revenge on jerk boyfriend.
The Dungeon - Master punishes his slave.
The First Party - Lisa asks tights-loving man to Halloween bash.
The First Time - Submissive woman meets her master.
The Fountain Pt. II - They meet dog-girl.
The Game - Woman's rape fantasy goes horribly wrong.
The Game
- His slaves entertain friends at football party.
The Games People Play
- Matt meets wild woman online.
The Golden Awakening
- Michelle shares wet secret with Bonnie.
The Good Doctor Pt. I
- Married surgeon falls for transexual patient.
The Good Doctor Pt. II
- He introduces Doug to Crystal.
The Great Day
- Male enjoys panties, and what's in them.
The Gym Pt. III - John's blind date is out of the ordinary.
The Harem Girl - Shayla angers her Master.
The Inception of the Club - Marilyn's dreams come true.
The Initiation of Bliss - He teaches her the joys of submission.
The Initiation of Bliss Pt. II - Bliss is disciplined by Master.
The Initiation of Bliss Pt. III - Bliss is led to the chamber.
The Joys of Submission - She lives to please you.
The Laundry Room Pt. II - They're caught by landlady in group sex.
The Laundry Room Pt. III - They see Mrs. Bellzer's milky breasts.
The Laundry Room Pt. IV - Mr. Bellker gets his.
The Master's Touch - Master summons you to pleasure him.
The Necrophiles...Pt. X - Barry takes Barbara.
The Night That Changed My Life - All for painted toenails...
The Older Woman - He shows her the joys of golden showers.
The Organisation Ch. I - He hires & dominates young Suzanne.
The Painslut - She craves punishment, and he yearns to punish.
The Quickie BJ - Submissive Rebecca pleasures her Master.
The Repairman Cumeth - Miss Lizzy dominates serviceman.
The Repairman's Humiliation - He services Mistress & friend.
The Ritual - The Master marks you as his own.
The Shopkeeper - Antique photos bring out Julie's hidden desires.
The Switch - Man dresses like woman and seduces boss.
The Ties That Bind - She's punished for her tardiness.
The Treatment Nurse - Dominatrix RN fixes you up inside and out.
The Wedding Anniversary - He's late for dinner, and is punished.
Thoughts of a New Sub - New slave serves her Master.
Thursday Night Fun - He rewards slave with new toys.
Tina's Hard Lesson - He blackmails sexy embezzling redhead.
Trudy: The Interview - Trudy meets her Master.
Trudy is Bound to Please - He ties up a sexy blonde.
Trudy is Captive - Trudy is tied up & taught a lesson.
Two Minutes - She travels across a continent to serve him.
Vanished - Workaholic yearns to escape, and gets her wish.
Vanished Pt. II - Suzie gives herself to her Master.
Vanished Pt. III - A peek inside Master's compound.
Velvet - Submissive gets what she needs.
Wet Dream - Kyle takes Leigh into unexplored territory.
What I Really Want - First date goes awry for shy Jen.
Window Shopping - Crossdresser's boyfriend brings over buddies.
Wishes Can Be Dangerous - Woman gets what she asks for.
Your Pet - She's pleased by pleasing you.

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