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Jack Meets Jill - Tired man meets lovely lady at The Goblet.
Jan Ch. I - He seduces busty coworker.
Jan Ch. II - He's distracted by sexy landlady.
Jazzy Girl Ch. I - Greenwich Village jazz man falls for sultry songstress.
Jazzy Girl Ch. II - Bonnie involves Freddy in her exhibitionism.
Jazzy Girl Ch. III - Freddy helps Bonnie build up courage.
Jazzy Girl Ch. IV - Freddy joins the band, and gets close to Julie.
Jazzy Girl V - Freddy encounters Julie's roommate.
Jazzy Girl VI - Freddy discovers his own exhibitionist tendencies.
Jazzy Girl Pt. VII - Freddy and Julie go to meet Bonnie.
Jenn Pt. I - He notices sexy female friend.
Jennifer Ch. I - High school guy gets a shot at his dream girl.
Jennifer Ch. II - Dan discovers Jennifer's secret.
Jennifer Ch. IV - She partners with Dan in chemistry class.
Jennifer Ch. V - She has a close encounter with Dan's dad.
Jennifer Ch. VI - Jennifer and Jeff make dinner plans.
Jennifer Ch. VII - Experimenting in the lab...
Jenny & Phil - Couple gets wild on the ski slopes.
Jeremy - Terminally ill boy has otherworldly experience.
Jessica's First - Girl loses virginity to brother's best friend.
Jill, My Whore - Cheating wife plays a prostitute.
Jim's Mowing Adventure - Lawnboy tames hot blonde's lawn.
Job Satisfaction - Ruthless execs vy for promotion.
Judy Judy Judy - Father is teased by daughter's friend.
Julie - He & his passionate fiancée attend a convention.
Just a Game - He meets lovely blonde teen at restaurant.
Just A Small Electrical Problem - Brit electrician yearns for Lisa.
Just A Sweatshirt Pt. I - He finds ex-girlfriend pleasuring herself.
Just Another Day at 33rd Avenue - Morning in the city.
Kaitlin's Tale I - Savvy businesswoman takes hunk at party.
Karen - Man has yen for neighbor's wife.
Kat's Game - Joe gives her a call.
Kate Ch. I - Mother has eyes for daughter's good-looking boyfriend.
Kate Ch. II - Mom talks to Meg, and Mike stays over.
Kate Ch. III - Meg returns home, and Kate meets Bob.
Kathy Pt. I - His ex-girlfriend comes back for more.
Kathy Gets Some Cock Pt. I - Lesbian discovers her "bi" side.
Katie's Cop - She reunites with the man who took her virginity.
Katya Gets Extra Credit - Failing student gives an oral report.
Kelli Gets Even Pt. II - Kelli schemes to humiliate Cindy.
Killer Cop Ch. I - Uptight woman cop transforms herself to get ahead.
Killer Cop Ch. II - Lisa gets an undercover assignment.
Killer Cop Ch. III - Lisa goes out on the streets.
Killer Cop Ch. IV - Lisa questions her transformation.
Killer Cop Ch. V - Lisa says good-bye to the precinct.
Killer Cop Ch. VI - Lisa battles old demons, and new terrors.
Killer Cop Ch. VII - The Princess escapes.
Kim & Stephanie Pt II - He meets with Kim again.
Kimmy Meets Her Darling... - Vixen meets him at the club.
Kimmy the Enchanted... - The Nasty Knight takes a princess.
La Jolla - Wife plans hot So. Cal. weekend for hubby's birthday.
Lap Dancing - His girlfriend loves to hear about his adventures.
Late Night at the Office - Man lusts after sexy blonde.
Laura's Weekend - Woman finds pleasure while boyfriend is away.
Laurel's Reunion - Gang is assembled for action-packed visit.
Leslie's Drive Home - Mike gives her the phone tease of a lifetime.
Lessons in Government - Coed learns from political professor.
Lessons in Love Pt. IV - Kim and Tom try anal.
Let Me Have a Taste! - Therapist turns cum to chocolate for wife.
Let's Pretend Ch. I - She's the teacher, & you're a naughty student.
Letter to a Cuckhold - Superstud informs wimp husband of infidelity.
Letters to Purvi Pt. II - Lalitha tells Purvi about Sunil.
Letters to Purvi Pt. III - Lalitha shares a sexy memory.
Letting Loose Pt. II - She wakes up next to Todd after wild night.
Lexie - Neglected hubby meets dream girl.
Lez Be Friends - His flatmate prefers girls, with exceptions.
Liberties Taken on Copperhead... - Law meets moonshiner.
Linda Gets Lucky - Bad day turns out tremendously well.
Livin' It Up... - She's trapped with obnoxious pop star.
Living in Sin - Mom moves in with daughter & boyfriend.
Lois Wins - Wife changes hubby via online erotica.
Lonely No More - Busted television leads to lifelong love.
Long Lost Lovers -  Past lovers meet unexpectedly.
Looking for Love in... - You're drawn to older repairman.
Lori's Little Secret - Tom gets the goods on girlfriend's mother.
Lorie of Arabia - Young virgin treks to the Sahara.
Lost Lake - Man loves-& loses-beautiful wild woman.
Love Is Blind III - Brad discovers something special about Allison.
Lovely Lisa - Girlfriend loves anal.
Loving Pt. I - Dave & Carol collide on their wedding night.
Lucky Buildup Pt. I - Guy is hit with amazing lucky streak.
Lucky Man - He marries the perfect girl.
Lunch - She gives you a healthy meal.
Lunch With Rita - Older man's life takes a detour.
Lunchtime Distraction - Lonely husband is intrigued by stranger.
Lunchtime Picnic - She brings lunch for you, and more.
Lust at First Glance - She responds to you instantly.
Lustful in the Library - She seeks a rendezvous amongst books.
Lynne - He meets and beds a sexy young redhead.
Macintosh Valley - Boy gets beautiful girl at ski resort.
Making the Grade - Student has deep feelings for teacher.
Mari - Guy and girl are drawn together.
Maria - Man is seduced by sultry Latina.
- Guy gives hot Brazilian girl lessons in lust.
Marinah Two - Malaysian beauty seduces a Chinese chef.
Masquerade - Prim woman becomes the sexy "Felicia".
Massage Therapy - Man becomes a masseuse for beautiful women.
Masturbating - College girl gives herself a helping hand.
Matthew Wakes Up - She finds him asleep, and gets mischievous.
Means to an End - Young girl finally buys her own freedom.
Meat the Preacher's Wife - Lonely wife "confides" in carpenter.
Medical Unit - Doctor examines hot patient.
Meet Franny - Jim gets a shot at his fantasy girl - on her terms.
Meet Joey I - Couple devises plan to save their marriage.
Meet Joey II - Patricia tries Tony.
Meet Joey III - Joan makes confession.
Meet Joey IV - Patricia tries the Swedish Saddle.
Meeting in Peru - Man finds strange woman among Peruvian ruins.
Meeting Jane - He falls for married woman.
Meeting You Pt. I - You give her the best day of her life.
Megan Pt. I - An adventurous meeting with the new neighbor.
Megan Pt. II - The two enjoy a frolic in the pool.
Megan Pt. III - Housewarming party gets hot.
Meghan Goes Exploring -  Wife finds lover.
Men's Store - Sexy clerk helps you try on a thing or two.
Merciless - Blake's destroyed when his love leaves him for other man.
Merry Xmas - Couple share a joyeaus Noel.
Michael - Disillusioned woman finds hope on Safari.
Midnight Rendezvous - Late night heats up for couple.
Midnight Shift Ch. I - Answering service girl gets a familiar visitor.
Midnight Shift Ch. II - The good doctor keeps Caresse company.
Midnight Shift Ch. III - Doctor's visit changes Caresse's night.
Midnight Shift Ch. IV - Caresse gets a spanking.
Midsummer 1666 - Commoner happens upon an unusual sight.
Mike & Heather - Guy and girl enjoy their friendship.
Milk Boy - Guy borrows milk from neighbor and gets more.
Milk Boy in the Woods - He and Jane enjoy first love.
Millennium Dominance Pt. III - Linda has a new craving.
Miss Katlin - Hot teacher gives him private lessons.
Modeling Shoot - Girl meets photographer.
Moist Encounters Pt. I - She sneaks into work to give you a treat.
Mom's Guy - Snobby girl finds herself attracted to Mom's crass boyfriend.
Morning Mood - Sexy couple wake up unbearably horny.
MorningStar's Awakening - Author discovers special ability.
Mother In Law - Surprise visit from wife's mom proves exciting.
Mother-in-Law Help - Wife's mom tries to reunite troubled couple.
Mother-In-Law's Desire - He's seduced by wife's lusty mom.
Mother-In-Law's Tongue - Lady seduces her daughter's mate.
Mountain Pass - Stranded couple makes use of time alone.
Moving Day - Couple packs up their lives.
Moving Violation - Trooper changes young couple's lives.
Mr. Flumpy - A children's story for adults.
Mrs. G - Teacher gives private lessons.
Mrs. Martin Ch. I - He discovers teacher was a Playmate.
Mrs. Martin Ch. II - Teacher's day is full of 'firsts'.
Mrs. Martin Ch. III - Teacher confronts blackmailing student.
Mrs. Martin Ch. IV - Teacher confides in Tom.
Mrs. Martin Ch. IX - Teacher meets with divorce lawyer.
Mrs. Martin Ch. XI - Teacher tells all to lawyer.
Mrs. Reid - Young guy falls for sexy older neighbor.
Ms. Mystery - Maneater takes man home to play.
My Affair with Gunjan - Indian businessman beds another man's wife.
My Assistant - Manager meets young new red-headed intern.
My Best Friend's Wife - He's seduced by his buddy's spouse.
My Best Friend's Wife - James visits forbidden fruit.
My Best Ride - Rain-soaked biker saves stranded blonde.
My Blowjob Technique - Oral vixen shares a few secrets.
My Boss - Secretary yearns to please her uptight boss.
My Class Reunion - Husband gets a chance with high-school crush.
My Day Dream - He sends letter to sexy Asian girl.
My Day With Jabe - She plays the Quiet Game with old flame.
My Doctor And I - Her doctor gets physical.
My Fantasy - She yearns to touch you.
My Fantasy - She invites old flame over for a night of passion.
My Favorite Teacher - Simone's hot for hunky chemistry teacher.
My First - He shares first experience with sexy student.
My First Anal Adventure - College couple explores new territory.
My First Effort - He's attracted to curvy coworker.
My First Massage - Married woman enjoys a little pampering.
My First Night as a Prostitute - Girl lives hooker fantasy.
My First "Older Woman" - Lorraine entices Aussie Defense man.
My First Taste of Pussy - Man enjoys European working girls.
My First Time - Sex with sister's friend while sister watches.
My Hero - Injured woman is helped in more ways than one.
My Naughty Nurse - Homecare helper gives him a bath, & more...
My Neighbor - He comes by, and they both come.
My Neighbor - He and Carol play while their spouses are away.
My Neighbor is Insatiable! - She housesits for nympho next door.
My New Job - Nympho finds satisfaction in work.
My Online Love Affair - High school senior finds older man online.
My Online Love Affair Pt. II - George tell his side of encounter.
My Online Love Affair Pt. III - Greg finds out about Kelly.
My Passion - Lusty young couple treks in India.
My Sexy Neighbor - He's rewarded for mowing her lawn.
My Spanish Neighbor - He lusts after mature Latina.
My Spanish Neighbor II - He takes Spanish housewife again.
My Spanish Neighbor III - Her mom-in-law catches them together.
My Story - Cyber lovers meet face to face.
My Summer Family...Ch. 1 - Husband grows closer to niece-in-law.
My Thoughts of You - Siren tells lover her deepest fantasies.
My Trip Down South - She meets her online lover for the first time.
My Trip Down South Pt. II - Couple recovers from their shower.
My Turn - You give her a turn at pleasure.
My Weekend Off - You and her enjoy your a day together.
My Wife... - Man enjoys life with gorgeous nympho stripper.
My Wife Pt. III - Party with hubby, wife, and friend.
My Wife's Best Friend - Husband lusts for forbidden fruit.
My Wife's Mother - Hubby sunbathes with hot in-law.
Natural Camouflage Pt. IV - He applies to join the FBI.
Natural Camouflage Pt. V - FBI gives him his first case.
Naughty Girl - She shows you how she got her name.
Neighbor - Boy next door is all grown up.
Neo & Trinity's Sex Life - Matrix dwellers get down.
New Career - Stripper takes job as 'stress consultant'.
New Job - Student falls hard for Psychology tutor.
New World - Mai is taken from her tribe by an Other.
New Years Eve - He loses his virginity, though not as planned.
New Year's Resolutions - Author is pulled into her own stories.
Never Too Tired - This couple won't quit.
Never Trust a Beautiful Blonde - Detective is seduced.
Night After Working Hours - He finally gets close to tease.
Night of Passion - Indian fighter pilot is drawn to the Colonel's niece.
Night of Passion - Tired wife agrees to sex, under her conditions.
Night Out - She seeks casual sex with gorgeous guy.
Nite Swim - Naked strangers meet at a pool.
No Longer Virgins - Young couple gets close for the first time.
No Regrets I - Erotic adventures of a lusty girl in a small town.
No Regrets III - Continuing saga of small-town lust.
No Regrets VII - Susan and Allan and Tracey go camping, cont.
Not So Lonely Tonight - Man catches half-naked girl in his garden.
Not Too Late -  Injured man befriends nurse in rural clinic.
Nympho - Drunk guy meets pop star.
Off Campus - Coed gets busy with strange guy at party.
Off Campus Lessons - College virgin meets an amazing woman.
Office Surprise - She spices up your work day.
Oh Brother - He scores with Brother's fiancee.
Old Crush - Nurse is locked in with a special patient.
Olympic Tail - Downed pilot discovers a lost tribe of beautiful women.
On My Knees For You - She gives you pleasure from below.
On The Road - Erotic adventures on tour with The Archies Band.
On The Road - Traveling woman meets hunky Latin drifter.
One Blow Job - Greg loves redeeming his coupons.
One More Way - Circus performer Inga gives swinging new meaning!
Online Lover - She buys lingerie for him.
Ooohhh...Atlanta - Young reporter lusts for Atlanta news anchor.
Open Letter #1 to... - He sneaks in hile your hubby showers.
Opening at Closing - Paul returns home, & bumps into old flame.
Outdoor Adventure - John takes Annalise on a special picnic.
Our Fantasy - Cyber love affair is consummated for real.
Our First Time - He spends an evening with lovely Mandy.
Outdoors with Richard - She 'kidnaps' you for an adventure.
Overnight Nurse - She makes her patient feel much, much better.
Overtime - Pharmacist longs for comely coworker.
Pam's Kind of Guy - Tall girl is saved by tall man.
Parents Alarmed... - News story of Junior High oral sex.
Part One - Virgin lets you take her.
Part Two - You take her in the shower.
Part Three - She helps you relax after a hot shower.
Parting Gesture - Frank learns the value of charity.
Passionate Encounter - Man seeks helps from gorgeous lawyer.
Passionate Night - He satisfies you from head to toe.
Peggy's First Blow Job - Young Peggy learns from sister's guy.
Peggy's Night - Fred gives her a night to remember.
Photo Shoot Fantasy - Model meets photographer.
Physical, Fun? - Hot nurse teaches Tom to enjoy his exam.
Picture Day - You, him, and a camera.
Pictures of You - Brother finds hot photos of sexy sister.
Pleasant Awakening - He wakes her up with hot sex.
Pool Fun Pt. I - Boy and hot blonde go swimming.
Pool Fun Pt. II - Amber gives him oral by the pool.
Pool Tag - Boy gets with younger girl in hot tub.
Pre-Millennium Tension - Girl loses virginity on New Year's Eve.
Principal Acts Pt. I - Principal blackmails sexy cheerleader.
Principal Acts Pt. II - Mr. Johnston gets a piece.
Private Photo Ops - Chuck takes naughty photos in Arcata.
Proliferate Counsel - She and Leo help Marci with her sex life.
Public Pool - Lovers enjoy a cooling swim.
Puppet Show Ch. I - Band vocalist takes a girl home after show.
Quick Rebound - Dave lusts after wife's sexy niece.
Quiver - Party heats up when friends play drinking games.
Rachel Picabia: Miss Babylon... - She needs no introduction.
Rachel Picabia:...Pt. II - She bathes, remembering punk & Byron.
Rachel Picabia:...Pt. III - Byron takes Rachel to new heights.
Random Fantasy - She imagines you taking her.
Randy Handyman - He gives lovely neighbor a hand.
Rapture of the Deep - A story of extreme sex and scuba diving.
Rehab Duty Nurse - Live-in assignment proves exciting for lusty RN.
Rekindled Feelings - Tina meets up with an old friend.
Relax - He helps her unwind after work.
Relaxing Muscles - He loosens up wife's sore body.
Remembered Pleasures - He and you enjoy Indian Summer day.
Revenge - Lonely guy meet stunning brunette.
Rocky Mountain Lovin' Pt. I - He gets high-altitude nookie.
Romantic Workout in the Shower - Couple uses men's shower.
Rookie - Wealthy boy falls for rich girl.
Rope - Mysterious woman seduces from above.
ROTC Girl - Recruiter knows how to convince her to join.
Ruth Pt. I - She knows what she wants: her next door neighbor.

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