Hot Erotic Stories.

How To...
A How-To for Woman Pt. III - More info on how to seduce men.
Deep Throat
- How to go down deep on your man (pt. 4 of a series).
How To Have Sex...Pt. I
- A "how-to" for bi-curious men.
How to Make Love to a Woman w/o Penetration
- The Secret!
How To Pick Up A Woman For Sex
- Navy SEAL tells all.
My Blowjob Technique
- Oral vixen shares a few secrets.
Oral Technique - How to please a woman with your mouth.
Sensual Oral Sex Pt. I - Second of a 4-part series.
Sensual Oral Sex Pt. II - Third of a 4-part series.
The Art of Domination - Exploring male Doms and female subs.
The Blow Job Pt. I - An introduction to the art of fellatio.
Woman's Guide to..
- She tells how to seduce and enjoy married men.
Woman's Guide to.. Pt. II - She gives the specifics.

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