Hot Erotic Stories.

Interracial Love Stories

A Taste of India - He trains sexy young coworker.
A Black Night for My Angel and Me - Girlfriend beds Jatobá.
A Drinking Mate - Kate dances with husband's African friend.
Affair with an Older Black Woman - Teen guy lusts for Eloise.
Breaking In The New Coworker
- He falls for ebony cashier.
Brown Sugar - He enjoys evening with mahogany-skinned neighbor.
Camping Trip, August '93 - He camps with Taiwanese beauty.
Catholic School Life - Catholic school guy needs good grades.
Chocolate Lover Ch. 1
- Virgin Michelle meets stripper Rico.
Dickin' Down the Designing... Ch. I
- The girls have visitors.
Dickin' Down the Designing... Ch. II
- The women entertain the guys.
Dickin' Down the Designing...Ch. III - The orgy continues.
Ebony Sisters' Happy Birthday
- He gets the ultimate gift.
First Encounter... - You meet ebony lovely at club.
Friends With Benefits - She and Evan enjoy a special friendship.
Going Down on Dante - He gives her serious case of jungle fever.
Good Neighbors Pt. II - He spies wife with hunky black neighbor.
Helen & Tanesha - Housewife finds herself drawn to ebony girl.
Help Around the House Pt. I - Couple hires beautiful black nanny.
Help Around the House Pt. II - He catches her in bad position.
House Guest from Heaven - Ebony beauty moves in.
Indian Education - Indian wife in America lusts for boy next door.
Just Another Day at the Office - Ebony temptress blackmails exec.
Just Another Day at the Office II - She takes him to new places.
Just Another Day at the Office III - Exec gets a big surprise.
Latina & The Holiday Party - She takes Frank to get-together.
Latina's Birthday - Frank helps Latina celebrate.
Latina's Email from the Edge... - Latina shares her email.
Latina's Exercise Bike - Latina goes to confessional.
Latina Goes Shopping - Latina shops for a job, and more.
Latina's Husband - He tells his side of the story.
Latina's Purple Passion - Latina displays fiery temper.
Latina's Second Anniversary - Latina and Frank celebrate.
Latina's Second Honeymoon - Latina and Frank put on a show.
Latina's Seduction - Husband seduces lovely wife Latina.
Latina's Swing - Frank & Latina buy one and break it in.
Left Behind Ch. 1 - Cheerleader is stranded in all-Black locker room.
Left Behind Ch. 2 - She invites voyeurs to join.
Lessons in Biology Pt. I - Black teen is seduced by her white tutor.
Lessons in Biology Pt. II - Ebony teen is given further instruction.
Lessons in Biology Pt. III - Ebony runs into old lover.
Lessons in Magic - Madame Zora teaches Latina REAL magic words.
Lisa - Professor lusts for pretty Asian student.
Maggie Redux Ch. I
- Ebony Maggie intrigues a Midwestern town.
Maggie Redux Ch. II
- Maggie and Billy collide.
Maggie Redux Ch. III
- Billy visits Maggie.
Maggie Redux Ch. IV
- Billy's father confronts Maggie.
Maggie Redux Ch. V
- Maggie says two goodbyes.
Maid in India
- Young hotel maid discovers sex in hotel room.
Maria - Vacationing investment broker seduces sultry Mexicana.
Mellow Yellow Ch. 1 - Malaysian Hanna discovers white bananas.
Mellow Yellow Ch. 2 - Ted & Hanna make a commitment.
Movers & Shakers - Sexy ebony wife shakes up the moving men.
My Easter in San Clemente - Small town girl gets interracial love.
My First Experience with Black Men - She gets two for one.
My First Taste of Black Magic - Once you try it, you're hooked!
My Maid Mitzi - Man explores pregnant Korean housemaid.
My Real and Terrific Love Life Pt. I - Latina finds true love.
My Real and Terrific Love Life Pt. II - Latina finds hot sex.
My Roommate's Ex - Ebony coed comforts friend's ex-boyfriend.
No Joke - White guy falls for mocha beauty Linda Payes.
Nothing Going On... - Pregnant ebony beauty helps out her landlord.
Nothing Going On But The Rent II - He and tenant's pal collide.
Once You Go Black...? - Horny girl tests the cliche.
Photogenic Barry - Husband takes pics of wife with ebony hunk.
Pretty Enough - He soothes the ego of insecure Jamaican beauty.
Sacrifice - Married woman battles her own desires.
Shavonne's Big Decision - Ebony babe finds love with best friend.
Suzi and Lisa: ... Pt. I - Two hot women take on Darius & Eddie.
Swans Pt. I - Yvette talks to Cassidy, and meets her boss's son.
Take Me Out to the Ball Game -Latina & Frank watch and play.
Teddy Bears - Frank & Latina make up after argument.
The Birthday Bang - He helps out sexy black woman on her birthday.
The Ice Queen - Frank and Latina enjoy a Popsicle.
The Importance of a Nutritious Lunch - They eat healthy!
The Overall - Maid gives great room service.
The Seminar - Latina & Frank meet sexy Jasmine.
The Temp - Gorgeous ebony woman intrigues lawyer.
The Temp II - Hot black temp teases lawyer.
The Temp III - Geoff gets the goods on Yvette.
The Temp IV - He confronts Yvette.
The Turnaround Pt. III - Prejudiced Mary learns a lesson.
Welcoming the Millenium... - Latina celebrates New Years.

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