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A Guilty Conscience - Relationship with brother-in-law takes a turn.
A Lunatic with a Badge
- Kelly's stalked by love-crazed cop.
A Nightmare in the Park
- Muscle women stalk a married couple.
A Walk Into Submission
- Woman is taken along wooded path.
Abducted - Blackmailers take man's wife.
After Office Hours - Reema's taken by many men.
Alice's Little Adventure - Girl's boyfriend is kidnapped.
Amy's No Angel - Pilots teach famous singer a lesson.
An Invitation Only - Beautiful, clever girl meets her match.
Another Workingday - Dutch woman is blackmailed by coworkers.
Anything Pt. II - He meets with embezzling girl.
Arii's Travels - Elf girl is caught stealing and made to pay.
Back To The Movies - Part II of the My Brilliant Idea wife rape saga.
Black Lover Girl - He falls for tough ebony stripper.
Brainy, Brawn, and Beauty - Uptight upscale siblings get a shock.
Captive - Xzibar brings a sexy warrior to the Forest of Hell.
Captive Seduction - She teaches a lesson to arrogant coworker.
Carnal Theft - He takes her, or so he thinks.
- Egyptian queen is destroyed in post-Caesar Rome.
Confession - Stranger in bar blackmails married woman.
Cum Wars - He pays price for oral sex.
Darii Pt. I - Young village girl encounters enemy soldiers.
Dealing Nikki - Centerfold makes big mistake.
Debt Payment - Wife offers goods to help settle debt.
Dr. (Feelgood) Peters... -   Dr. cures woman of swallowing problem.
Doctor Fred - Doctor uses hypnotic suggestion on a family.
EXXXtreme Wrestling - American wrestler in Japan puts on show.
Forced Foursome - Modeling is not what Beverley expected.
Four Heads are Better Than One - Wife is gang-raped.
Getting What I Wanted - Wife lives gang-bang fantasy.
Hawaiian Fantasy - She takes him by force.
Her Prisoner Pt. I - Guy awakes to find himself shackeled.
Heroines - Nightwolf sets sights on four Supervixens.
High School Reunion - Shawn's confronted by adoring classmate.
Horny Aunt Peg - Widowed aunt takes it out on college kid.
Hostile Takeover Ch. I - Father gives Fiona to business associate.
Hostile Takeover Ch. II - Father listens as Rockwell takes Fiona.
Hostile Takeover Ch. III - Rockwell tries to tame young Fiona.
Hostile Takeover Ch. IV - Rockwell brings out Fiona's wild side.
Hostile Takeover Ch. V - Fiona and Rockwell are ambushed.
Hostile Takeover Ch. VI - Fiona sees her father.
Hostile Takeover Ch. VII - Rockwell experiences new feelings.
Hostile Takeover Ch. VIII - Fiona confronts Rockwell, & Father.
Hostile Takeover Ch. IX - Fiona realizes the truth about the tape.
Hostile Takeover Ch. X - Rockwell's contract for Fiona expires.
Hit and Run - She runs into horny gynecologist.
Honeymoon - The groom is forced to watch marriage consummated.
Hubby's Story - Husband tells strange story to cops.
Iced Mocha - College student finds she's not alone.
Imprisoned - Financial reporter is sent on strange interview.
Intruder - Man breaks into a house & pleasures a woman.
It Could Resemble Porn - Virgin asks boyfriend to take her.
Janet - He discovers new side to his girlfriend.
Julia Broken
- Young virgin is taken by brother's friend.
Kaitlin's Tale II - Kaitlin is duped by assistant.
Kaitlin's Tale III - Her captors play with her.
Kaitlin's Tale Pt. IV - Kaitlin is transformed.
Kathy Gets What's Cumming - He gets revenge on lying lesbian.
Kelli Gets Even Pt. V - Kelli finishes off final bit of revenge.
Kelli Gets Even: Epilogue - Kelli is confronted.
Kidnapped - He's abducted and raped... by a woman!
Marcus Aurellius - Centurion takes lovely maiden after fierce battle.
Michelle's Walk Home - He plays trick on petite friend.
Miss Boyd, My Obsession - He kidnaps sexy teacher.
Mother-In-Law Pays... - Indian son takes his dowry in flesh.
My Experiment - Hypnotist searches for the perfect girl.
My Sleeping Angel - He experiences sleeping beauty.
My Summer Alone - College girl gets a surprise visit.
My Turn Next - Man rapes dental technician, and regrets it.
Oh Susannah - Sexual boredom is cured by unexpected encounter.
Night of the Intruder - Tina is taken by a stranger.
Nurse Clandestine - Nurse helps herself to elderly patient.
Oh Those Pirates... - Island love is interrupted by evil pirates.
One Night - Prom queen takes on would-be rapist.
Querella's Smile - Man takes away a dancer's power.
Rape As Retribution - Nice guy loses his cool.
Reunion - Group of high-school guys take older lady.
Riding the Javelin - Boy students capture busty teacher.
Sarah's Rude Awakening - Girl loses her virginity.
Schoolgirl Blackmail - Girl turns tables on would-be rapists.
Scratching An Itch Pt. I - Wife of wealthy man leaves town for affair.
Scratching An Itch Pt. II - Tania seduces married man.
Scratching An Itch Pt. IV - She goes to get what Ron owes here.
Scratching An Itch Pt. V - Tania involves Ron's wife.
Sex-Wars - Sex is illegal in the year 2376.
She Had It Coming - He teases the tease.
Show Me Yours - Nympho heads for Hollywood.
Southern Hospitality Pt. I - Yank masters young belle.
Special Effects - Snobby girl gets hers in public tent.
Speedy Checkout - Robber gets away with cash and nookie.
Stadium - She's enjoyed by many at the Tampa stadium.
Stalker Surprise - Woman lives a rape fantasy.
Stalking Her Prey - College guy is stalked by crazy lady.
Stalking Tango - Vixen turns the tables on would-be rapist.
Still Love - He's drawn to perfect lover.
Stranger in the Night - Woman awakes to find man in her room.
Susan's Seduction - Jilted hubby plans revenge on cheating wife.
Taken - Nineteen-year-old virgin is broken.
Taken! - Wife is taken in front of husband.
Taken Again - She relives a dark part of her past.
Taken Teacher - Students take revenge on bitchy teacher.
Taken on Valentine's Day - She is ravaged after night out.
Teacher's Pet - Evil student manipulates classmates.
That Bitch... - Evil mother-in-law ruins his life, so he fights back.
The African Safari - Guy and two girls are taken by native tribesmen.
The Ancient Prophecy - A demon and a virgin meet.
The Awakening Ch. I - Coworker shows her a new part of herself.
The Awakening Ch. II - He reappears, with more demands.
The Awakening Ch. III - He takes her out on the town.
The Awakening Ch. IV - An invitation...
The Awakening Ch. V - He takes her to a cabin.
The Battle - Part III of the Ancient Prophecy fantasy series.
The Boys in the Band - A cautionary tale.
The Break-In - Man arranges for wife's rape.
The Capture of Bigtits - Busty woman is kidnapped by male friend.
The Cop - She speeds, and is punished by horny policeman.
The Dark Stranger Visits - Susan meets the dashing El Toro.
The Day I Was Raped - Cheerleader learns to love her attacker.
The Demanding Duke - Defiant girl tests landowner's patience.
The Doctor Is In - Med student develops remarkable enlarging serum.
The Dream - You slip into her bedroom & take her.
The Gangbang in Augsburg - Young wife is taken by soldiers.
The Gym - Telepath seduces entire aerobics class.
The Homecoming Queen - Jason hypnotizes sexy popular girl.
The Hunting Game - Caitlin's chased and pleasured by two men.
The Intruder - Would-be rapist becomes seductor.
The Inquisition - Riya's visit to police department proves surprising.
The Lone Ranger - Part II of the fantastic "Ancient Prophecy" story.
The Necrophiles...Pt. IX - Jake receives disturbing tape.
The Realisation - Maxime awakens, bound and blindfolded.
The Road - Cops punish speeding woman with hot sex.
The Salesman Takes a Wife -  Salesman seduces housewife.
The Shark - Loan shark punishes couple.
The Shark Pt. II - Ted pays visit to deadbeat couple.
The Slutress II - The Slutress is gang raped by fifteen men.
The Start of Something - Is he an admirer, or a stalker?
The Story of "L" - Canadian woman is taken in her home.
The Torment Pt. I - He helps her realize her darkest fantasy.
Toy Store - Adult store employee helps lady with her purchases.
Triked, Tricked, Trolloped - Wife is tricked by mysterious pilot.
Trudy: The Rape - She's taken by gang, and comes back for more.
Trust Us, We're Salesmen - Salesboys bully busty receptionist.
Tybalt & Rosaline - Romeo's foe takes the lovely chaste girl.
Tygra I - Young female thieves are caught and assaulted by cops.
Tygra II - Young Tygra is given a lesson in discipline.
Tygra III - Sexy young Tygra is forced to become a sex slave.
Under His Spell - Man uses powers to explore women.
Undercover - Woman cop gets in bad situation.
Waitress - Bikers assault tired waitress.

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