Hot Erotic Stories.

Vast: A Novel
by Nicolas Travers
Vast Ch. I - Worn husband fantasizes about prostitutes.
Vast Ch. II - Colin seeks fulfillment of fantasy with mixed results.
Vast Ch. III - Colin returns home after visit.
Vast Ch. IV - Colin meets neighbor girl and cat.
Vast Ch. V - Richquick faces bankruptcy.
Vast Ch. VI - Colin meets Dorothy & Prince.
Vast Ch. VII - Richquick prepares for Sultan's visit.
Vast Ch. VIII - Colin seeks escape, and Dorothy dreams.
Vast Ch. IX - Colin spends Saturday with family.
Vast Ch. X - Colin dreams of Dorothy, and meets Karim.
Vast Ch. XI - Colin goes to lunch.
Vast Ch. XII - Colin stands up for himself.
Vast Ch. XIII - Colin meets Dorothy's sister.
Vast Ch. XIV - Colin interviews Liscio.
Vast Ch. XV - Colin returns home after triumph.
Vast Ch. XVI - Colin meets Dorothy at sale.
Vast Ch. XVII - Dorothy contemplates her future.
Vast Ch. XVIII - Colin goes to Dorothy.
Vast Ch. XIX - Colin runs away.
Vast Ch. XX - Sarah and Jane come home.
Vast Ch. XXI - Colin returns to RichQuick.
Vast Ch. XXII - Colin's enemies seek revenge.
Vast Ch. XXIII - Colin interviews the Minister.
Vast Ch. XXIV - Colin & Dorothy face the future.

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