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Naughty - by Romeo Blue
Night's Journey Into Dawn - by Magic Man
Nightfall - by RisiaSkye
No Baby - by Silkyheat
No Time For Remorse - by BluesmanII
Nose - by Golden
- by Jennifer O. Kinney
October Moon - by WriterDom
Ode to College Beauty on a Warm Spring Day - by Havocman
one flight with wings- by Magic Man
Only a Dream - by Magic Man
Oral Exercises - by Havocman
Oral Fixation - by Holly Traywick
Oral Poetry - by FGL10
Pan's Domain - by Indy Dark
Passion and Desire
- by poetryLady
Passions - by Candy Renee
Passion's Place
- by Savannah Skye
Past the Shifting Dunes - by WriterDom
Petals of Love - by Silkyheat
Phallic Delight - by Savannah Skye
Playful Pussy - by Savage Kitten
Please - by Mouse
Please Tell Me - by Miyelo Ina
Pleasure Dome - by Hope
Poison Ivy
- by Lara H.
Pony Girl - by Andra Jenny
Possess - by Becky Bixler
Practiced to Perfection - by Otzchiim
Punishment - by WriterDom
Requiem for a Porn Star - by Willailla
Rosepetals Dipped in Wine - by IndyOne
Runaway Horses - by Rapunzel
Sad Place - by Basforte
Sangria - by Samiel Dracul
Sarah's Room - by James Cody
SC Reflects - by Hedoliz
Seducing His Woman - by Solar Dragon
Sensations - by Tailuv
Sensual Mind Connection - by Andie
Sensual Surrendering - by Intoxyc8me AUDIO
Sensual Waters - by Fahad Ullah Khan
Sexxx in the Time of the Soul - by Solar Dragon
Shadow Dance - by Basforte
Shape Shifter - by Carvaleo
Shots of Tequila, and Slices of Apple - by J Monty
Silver Nipple Ring - by Carvaleo
Sixty-Nine - by WriterDom
Sleeping Together, Alone - by James Cody AUDIO
Slut - by Silkyheat
Something To Be Said For Love - by Guy Atbar
Strawberries & Cream - by Fahad Ullah Khan
- by anothername_9
Storm Chaser - by Intoxyc8me
Stripper: A Prose Poem - by writer34
Stump Me - by Carvaleo
Sublime - by Romeo Blue
Surprise - by poetryLady
Sweet Sweat Dripping - by Havocman
Sweet, Sweet Kisses - by Savannah Skye
Sweet, Sweet, Torture
- by WriterDom
Sweet Slumber - by Silkyheat
Tastebuds Mingle - by Hope
Tatami Jism - by Ichiban
Tears Are Falling - by Wyte Wulfe
Tempting St. John - by Salome
The Cherry-Popper - by Otzchiim
The Cure - by Silkyheat
The Deepest Kiss - by Otzchiim
The Dream
- by Shox
The Glory of the Flesh and Spirit - by Solar Dragon
The Failure of April - by sweetpea
The First Night (Survived) - by Endlessly
The Flame - by Becky Bixler
The Funk of Life - by Solar Dragon
The Kiss - by Katerina Val-Kyrie
The Kiss - by Siamese21
The Lovers - by Basforte
The Master Commands - by Andie
the miracle of you - by WriterDom
The Night - by Lisa A. Rose
The One Before You - by David B.
The Secret Dance - by Shox
The Seduction - by Tiggs
The Slavegirl Expresses Her Devotion... - by Kerrie O'Keefe
The Taste of Us - by Havocman
The Touch - by RisiaSkye
The Vision of a Woman - by Solar Dragon
The Wicked Witch of the West
- by Hedoliz
Their First Time Together - by Jade
Theirs - by Silkyheat
There Will Be No Chemistry! - by A.J. Heard AUDIO
Thinking About You - by Otzchiim
Three Facets of Two - by Havocman
Time Enough - by Otzchiim
To An Ex-Lover - by Firesprite
To My Great Temptation... - by Otzchiim
Together - by Silkyheat
Together 2 - by Silkyheat
Tongue - by Silkyheat
Touch - by Silkyheat
Touching - by Spicy1
Trap - by RisiaSkye
Twas the Night Before XX-mas - by Savage Kitten
Two Girls - by ANiceGuy
Unheralded - by JG
Uninhibited - by Silkyheat
- by Just-B
Untitled 1 - by J Monty
Urge - by CurvyQ
Valentine - by Otzchiim
Variation - by Romeo Blue
Venus Desires - by Lara H.
Victoria Jean Pt. I - by Bissres
Wanderlust: Poetry In Motion - by The Inquisitor
Warm Open and Sensual
- by Savannah Skye
We Danced - by Knee#13
What the Woman Sees - by Solar Dragon
When I Am With You - by Firesprite
When I Look At You - by Caesar
When My Soul Becomes Pure Sensation - by Charli Siebert
Wild Desires - by poetryLady
Wild Flowers - by Fahad Ullah Khan
Winter Years - by yeswhyof
Without A Bed - by Silkyheat
- by The Poet
Word of Mouth - by Otzchiim
Wrong Side of Town - by Fanta C
You Could Say - by Knee#13
Yours - by Kitti Klaw
Youth - by Basforte
Zapless - by Golden

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