The Best Erotic Stories.

by Jennifer O. Kinney

i would give anything
to have you above me
topless and smooth
but rough enough at the edges
so that my fingers wouldn't forget you
if the prints were erased from my soul

i would give anything
to run my hands over the river of your body
and become enraptured by physiology
so lost outside you
that i am born within you
before your lips could reach my flesh

i would give anything
to wrap my legs around your torso
built from michelangelo's dreams
to capture you with not only my hungry gaze
but with my capabilities
and you would forget...

i would give anything
to have you appear in my room
in my room
so that i could reach for your hair
and tousle it, enough to play
enough to pull

i would give anything
to have you spread my aura
stretch it across the galaxy
so that i could feel you reach
reach through me
and i would be whole
whether or not i wanted it

i would give anything
to be spellbound by your music
by your broken desires
to have you ravage my innocence
and induce a moan from my heart
i want you to break me
and all i stand for

i would give anything
for something more than just sex
i'd sell my soul to become you
to taste you, to breathe you
it takes all my strength
not to break down your door

i would give anything
to move to a rhythm known only by us
that makes nothing else matter
except that you're inside me
and you will be
until i say otherwise
until the tables turn

i would give anything
to show you what i'm made of
to let the fervor in my fingers
race across you, tongue blazing
to make your body my bed
and set it on fire
follow my eyes and you'll know

i would give anything
to wrap my mouth around you
every limb, a prisoner
nothing but your skin to protect you
and it only dances along with me
and laughs when you are the victim

i would give anything
to savor you affecting me
rousing, aggressing, driving, exciting
forcing me to give the control back
to the one who made me want it in the first place
just because i wanted nothing more than his soul
and a fuck

i would give anything
to call out so loudly all we hear is the banging
of angry neighbors jealous of our passion
and the progressing of our cries to each other
as we grasp the melting horizon of a deeper love
than they could understand
again and again and again

i would give anything
to have you right now

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