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An Angel In The Dark
by Jool

My lover took me in his hands
And pushed me forward to the bed
I felt the softening of a sweet, hot hand
Massage the nape of my weary neck.

Moonlight spread wide open
Splashing out a dew of white
Upon our exposed shoulders,
Translucent and shining against the night
I felt my lust growing...

His fingers buried their burning touch
Deep in my sore and aching flesh.
I felt the weight of his shadowed body
Come in near to me on the bed;
He slid up against me from behind,
I moaned so slow,
A growl came from his heavy throat,
A deep thudding pulse wavered low.

His other hand crept round between my thighs
These kisses he placed on my cunt,
To play and stroke and murmur and sigh,
These loving kisses with his hand,
I groaned and opened deeper.
I felt him rounded and belly full,
"Oh my lover, come to me",
My muffled sighs underneath his body
I pressed up and out into him.

He filled me deep,
One hard, rocking action of bliss
Filling me with the sudden cascade of heat
A molten burning inner kiss ...
I felt him pulse, a heavy beat,
Bringing me up to heaven from below
The humid air began to breathe
The tepid scent of love so slow.

This love, this growing, hardened love
Came to me so deep now,
And strong
It lifted me up off the bed
In an embrace with wings,
So long,
So hard,
He grew faster,
My loving angel from behind ...
I felt his hand cover my eyes
And I was blind.

The darkness shrouded the sight
But not the touch,
The caresses, the fuck,
The thick throatful of lust,
I felt it all in a thick, hot clutch
As my angel came up;
Kept me crying out silent into the air
He brought me closer,
And deeper so I was laid bare
By the heavy touch.
But in the dark those very hands
Became an angel's firm fist
And in the dark
Our bodies swallowed ...
And kissed.


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