The Best Erotic Stories.

Annapolis by Tryst
by BluesmanII

(For Jean)

The rain could not constrain the lust, the sodden pleasures
that were thrust into the night - beneath the view of
superannuated folks who slept throughout.
Although the very thought that old gray heads might
peak beyond their last bedsteads and stare in wonder -
piqued thrills beneath- upon the lawn, beneath the thunder!

I licked the very drops that fell upon your breasts, your face,
and legs, sliding still to earth I knelt!
Reaching down beneath your body, draped upon the marble case,
I tasted more than my desire, I tasted life, I tasted fire!
I felt the sudden urge to fill you with my flesh, I felt -
as though the chill were naught, the banquet all!

You stood there then, with legs allowing all that man
would want to savor of your flesh and of your favor.
I took you from behind at first!
How still we stood as Autumn rain became the chain that bound us both to sin and pleasure! This was not the last of
that one sin of which we both have taken measure!

Some sudden day the clouds will lift and we will see -
as seeing now is not our aim,
that this affair has not a future, outcomes seem so
fore-ordained that we should not with such surprise,
be ended of this current bliss. Yet with remembrance
of a kiss I'll see THAT night until I die.

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