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Acidie Isca
by Basforte

[ Acidie Isca is a view of Exeter when I worked in the student quarter.
Acidie like ennui is a feeling of boredom or loss of faith. ]

Wind swept streets grub and skunk
Phone booths shattered
Covered in spunk
Grotty pictures, snogging in the stalls
White girls hands round black mans balls
While cats and jeercalls serenade
The finest film that was ever made.

Snotty night clubs
Bare buggered girls
Swing their tits to snig chorales
And masturbators strum away
To the tune of vibrators
At the end of day.

Blue pigs prowling
Grass snots glowing
Hidden, pushers peddling
Kids minds are blowing
This city sleeps
Amidst the silent fury.


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