The Best Erotic Stories.

by Lara H.

I don't want to be anything
but I want to be...
I just want to sleep & dream
I want to have you deep inside of me.
Fascination of feeling,
fondling all that holds my deepest desire;
freely thinking of fornication
God how it hurts, the sex deprivation.

Too long has it been,
too soft have I had it.
I want it rough, I want it now,
I want you all over me
God where are you now?
I can only do so much when I'm alone
can only touch
can only feel....

I want to be all over you,
to be taken,
to be filled,
to be given,
to be enthralled.
I don't care who you are,
stranger on the bus,
man in the bar,
two guys in the park
young guy in the car.

Take a chance in this life
& come home with me.
Live while you can,
desire can set you free.
Just one kiss for now
to show you what I can do,
soft lips join & tongues entwine
I see the flames in your eyes & know you want me, as I want you.

Inside the door,
inside you want to be,
clothes are shed
aroused to the point of no return.

Delight beyond measure as your naked form sends me spinning.

You grab my hands,
twisting them behind my back,
ravaging my breasts with your tongue, teeth & lips,
your tongue moves with such speed , how can I keep track.
God how I wanted you:
everything is a blur
but such sweet divine pleasure
as you push me to the floor, holding me down
deeper for you to explore.
I beg to let you free my hands,
I want to touch, I want to feel.
I want to entice you, to have you beg as I send you further then your own beliefs,
send you to a place where only dreams exist,
How can you possibly resist?

You deny my request,
which thrills me to no end.
You give it to me, hard and rough
filling my inside with all you have to give.
"Harder" I moan, "Harder!"
You grin at me " As the lady wishes"....

You let go of my hands
which remain pinned by your weight on my body.
Using all your strength to go deeper;
my muscles tighten around you,
gripping as hard as I get.
You moan with deep seeded lust,
eyes tightly shut.

Two bodies into one,
stimulating, captivating, enticing
pure impulsive, non constrained love-making.....
We each feel the other's body give into
the momentous bliss that comes from such things as this.

Strangers no more,
but still the allure of mystery

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