The Best Erotic Stories.

An Ocean Story
by Isabella Thorne

i fucked someone tonight.
i begged Him for it.
He took me to His ocean.
He led me by the hand while
my eyes were sheltered from light
by a thick strip of bandana.
And i was wearing only a cloak over me
and was naked for Him underneath.

i smelled the sea air
and tasted the salt on my wet tongue.
The splashing of the waves echoed on and on.

It was so cold when He took off the cloak.
The bitter wind stung my skin
but i loved how it felt
because it made me feel more naked ...
more naked for Him.

He fucked my mouth first
after i begged for his treasure.
i begged him to shove it
in and out
of my eager waiting mouth.
His thrusts were hard and rough.
He knows his slut well.

He fucked my soaking cunt
and pulled my hair while i screamed
cumming over and over and over again for Him.

i begged him to fuck my ass ..
begged him as if i could imagine
no greater sensation
that could be bestowed on my senses.
He would not do so
until i begged him some more.

He fucked my ass to exhaustion ...
fucking me
stretching me and
pleasuring me
until the pleasure exploded.

i came again harder and screamed harder
until my body was shaking.
He came with me.


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