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Antiquity's Pleasure
by Lara H.

It had begun with the slow undressing.

He asked her to remain still, to bend to his will for just this night.
He wanted to undress her, piece by piece.
Though she remained still, her body was not lifeless.
Her skin hot to his caresses,
her breath deep, in & out ............out & in.
And beautifully naked
his hands roamed over her breasts,
savouring each moment as if it was the last.
She looked deeply at him,
her passion overwhelming yet his eyes were closed.
He was remembering her body with his hands...................

His lips were next.
exploring every curve & line,
every silk skin & every pleasure divine.
Across her rounded belly which he so adored
she was a true woman of the infinite ages;
and further down he went
where she bit her lip with anticipation
of what was to happen next.

And down into the depths of her folds,
where antiquity's pleasure explodes into waves
he finds himself hypnotised by her scent.

The very thought, the very sight.

The endless cascading movement
as she writhes in sweet agony
to the melodic movement of his tongue....

And deeper he goes,
where she knows no man has found before,
he finds himself enamoured by her beauty.

The endless dream, the endless journey.

The way in which he twists & turns
she knows she is bewitched by his charms,
she wets her lips,
as he pauses for one painful minute to kiss her softly;
he wants her to taste what he loves to taste,
he wants her to know.........

An eternity has passed
and yet he hasn't finished.
Teasing licks, tender kiss, sultry bliss.
She feels the euphoric dreams as his hands continue to roam:
She now knows what the mystery of eternal pleasure is........"

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