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A Pentecostal Interlude
by Endlessly

I kneel before you
Like a believer to my God
My pagan eyes aflame in worship
Then close, lips part in supplication
And on confession of my faith you enter within
I confessed with my mouth and you entered it
I believed in my heart and you caressed it
Wrapping my tongue protectively around the sacred pillar
As if it were the Ark of the Covenant
Returning home
And with a low groan from on high
As I urge your blessing like the disciples on Pentecost
Sweating and praying until they were licked with tongues of flame
A mortal causes Olympus to tumble to the ground
Barely able to hold on
I drink you down like a draught from the river of Lethe
Your skin like lotus blossoms
Your scent surrounding me like that of incense
Burned in tribute to you
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