The Best Erotic Stories.

A Slippery Tongue
by WriterDom

A slippery tongue slides sensually
splitting perfect pink lips
tracing up and down
scuttling to blissful center
drinking from her passion
flicks like a cobra to hooded throb
a sigh from the gentle sucking
from marching invasion of fingers
hips bob like driftwood
caught between rocky shore
of gripping calloused hands

"Yes, Yes, Yes," she cries
his black mane pulled toward womb
as speech gives way to breathless whimpers
grunted syllables speaking in tongues
exquisite pleasure winds tighter
tighter against those buried finger
the relentless flick of tireless tongue
a quickening to ecstasy
tighter she winds
thrashing against pure euphoria
till like a geyser she erupts
waves of sheer delight
expand from axis of her sex
as she screams into the silent night
held secure by loving burly arms


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