The Best Erotic Stories.

A Tickle of Tchaikovsky
by WriterDom

a tickle of Tchaikovsky
filters to steamy room
a myriad of candles
scented with jasmine
their dancing flickers
casting her curvy shadow
surreally against white tile
as she lowers herself
into bubbly soak of soothing bath

soon he will come
with heated cotton towels
to dry her delicate silky skin
carry her in tan brawny arms
to white lacy canopy bed
lay her gently on the comforter

a kiss with all the passion
of first and last love
he licks his way to rounded breasts
suckles an aching nipple

her fingers tangle in his hair
following a familiar path
to her needy sex flushed with desire
a river for tongue to wade
and curl around the throbbing hood
quivering thighs cool against his face
murmuring moans music to his ears


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