The Best Erotic Stories.

A Tribute to Amy
by Tinman

Ah, thighs of beauty, thighs of grace!
God! I long to feel my face
between those columns smooth and fair
and hands that tangle in my hair
guiding lips so they will find
the pleasure centers of your mind
that lie within your valley, sweet
where I am dying, now, to eat.

Curves so tender and sublime
that blend smooth thighs to your behind.
A view that makes my spirit sing
and stiffens out my throbbing thing!
Kisses, kisses thereupon
I'll lavish there before I've done,
and all around your girlish plain
that lies within those columns twain.

Mound that rises high above
the core and center of your love,
proud mount of Venus, prominent,
guarding safe your precious vent
that there, my love, is waiting still
for lips and tongue to show their skill.
Ah, treasure-cove and slit of joy,
make ready for this hungry boy!

Ass cheeks firm within my hands
I lift, now, up from warm sands
and bring to where I may, with ease,
mouth your pussy as I please,
and deep with tongue inside you reach
and taste you as I would a peach.
But peach could never hold a light
to what I feast upon this night!

Your juice and essence I inhale
as if they were some vintage ale
and press you to me as I lick.
Now, on your bum my fingers flick:
tickle, tingle, twat and butt,
as I feast upon my dear sweet slut
and bring you to fulfillment's door
with hands and lips and tongue and more!

Your mind I play with as we toy
with our bodies, girl and boy.
We tell each other how we feel
with signs and moans and sometimes squeal;
And words all nasty, ripe and full:
"fuck" and "cunt," and all that bull;
there are no words we will not say,
such filth just magnifies our play.

With words and juices, tongues and eyes
we leave no room for surprise
by any guise or thought or deed
that either of us may feel we need.
Inhibitions we toss aside;
in intimate frankness we abide
to heighten pleasure for this time
as we act out our fuckers' mime.

That fucking mime we now start,
as lips leave pussy and move toward heart
and past, to lips, there to share
from my lips your musk and hair.
And prick finds cunt and slips inside
to clasping velvet's rippling tide.
And pussy feels the blood-gorged throb
where deep within now slides my knob.

Flesh in flesh, contact so sweet!
Within you buried, now, my meat
is quiet for a moment yet
before the frenzy, hot and wet,
o'ertakes us and moves us in
a symphony of lust-filled sin
where "Fuck me!" are the words I hear
that prompt me faster, drawing near.

With all your juices wet me, love!
While I within you push and shove
and probe and kiss and finger you,
and stir your insides like a stew.
And you with all your strength now fuck
and arch your back and slide and buck
beneath me wildly while I ride
and grasp your ass to stay inside.

My piston spears you like a pole
all hard and deep inside your hole.
In and out of you I slide,
over, around, inside, outside!
Through and under and in and out,
filing you up until you shout
and stiffen and squeeze my prick
as I come inside you, rich and thick!

In joy and pleasure then, we die!
Side by side our corpses lie ...
but yet not dead. For, touching still,
our fingers with each other fill.
Knowing after flesh has rest,
we'll start again to do our best
to stroke and taste and touch and move
and fuck and fuck again, my love.


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