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A Wizard of Love
by Solar Dragon

There was one who knew love especially well.
The gentle man who knew of the great feeling knew of the magic contained in
the word and words which complemented it.
As he spoke of the emotion a certain atmosphere came from his mouth.
It formed a cloudy sphere in front of his face.
The gentle man looked deep into the white clouded ball.
He saw water,
an element most enveloping,
most quenching to his passion.
He saw land,
stiff and unmoving but ultimately pliable,
a perfect place for water.
Both helped bring life to the other.
In water, beauty and survival complemented one another with otherworldly
Great living powers dwelled even in the abyss of the waters crushing
On land there was an air that contained such life that one needed only to
The land sprouted plants and trees,
the very symbol of the Soul,
giving total life and hardly having to move.
With such nourishment came animals of all varieties to keep balance with life
in the water.
This ground was the platform one could look up from and look past the clouds
and almost see life's creator.
The gentle man found himself in a world he spoke of.
But with all this he felt alone.
He felt alone because there was no one to admire a creation from his heart.
He then remembered a beautiful woman from a reality almost forgotten.
Again he spoke magic words of love and from a pond in the middle of the most
vital place in his world came his Dragon Lady.
The Lady gave birth to him and he then speaks her into being.....
A very old cycle is complete but never complete......
Infinity and life is best spoken of by the poet.


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