The Best Erotic Stories.

Bulimic Ballet
by writer34

I went out with your corpse
sitting next to me at the ballet
eighth row center
downwind from your rotting flesh
a river of rancid semen flowing
through your mouth
down your throat
sucking the splooge
as it leaves your puckered ass
I'm in love
with the ballerina Davida
so upright and tall and undead
My date didn't notice
me smelling your decaying flesh
only saw me leaning on the furthest
arm rest from her
brittle bones
I could have smashed her with one word

I told my date I had to meet
a writer and collect his story
and I did
But really I wanted to be alone
with your corpse
inside the dark throbbing cavern
of another scantily clad Fetish Night
I talked to the anorexic of the year
dressed like a faery angel with green dragon
fly wings
who actually made
you look fat
even dead and decomposing in the
coffee grounds of my mind
as you are
Then I asked another pencil legged
redhead to fuck
She said in a minute
which never came
I didn't care I was
licking your cool flesh
sucking semen from your orifices
drink-king your puke
savoring your piss soaked panties

I was dead
on my feet and still dancing
fuckin' far out weird old man
sweating all your lies out of my
wide open
jaws sucking dildoes and warm tits
I saw all this
and longed for the beauty
suffering brutality
of your bone
pressed against me
There is no sex after you've loved
a bulimic and felt her hungry mouth
wrap around your soul
There is only torment
in love with itself
longing for containment
the way you dictated my mood
swings counting calories through
eight seasons

I am buried now beside you
under a shopping cart
with a toilette bowl headstone
engraved with my horror
my hard-ons
for unavailable women
on a death trip
I followed
somewhere I have traveled
beyond the garbage-piled-high
binges gladly
I became your favorite food
for awhile
you fed on me
till I left your mouth with the last ounce
of my will just before you drained me
then I came crawling back
you to binge me dead
You refused me
giving someone else
your death

That's why
I went out
with my corpse tonight
Almost cried
during movements
where I knew you would be disturbed
by Davida
erect and undead
so silently I prayed and asked
the ballet Muse
Should anyone
see my faith hope trust belief love
please send
fairytale rescue this way
My lips are getting cold
sucking on
your oceanic


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