The Best Erotic Stories.

Brown Eyes
by Rebeca Turro

brown eyes staring down at me
caught in my naked reverie
gazing at my ceiling,
reclining on my back
bedcovers twisted all around...
the lights are off
and I'm all tucked it
my hands so gently slides down my skin..
over my neck and down my chest
on my stomach, to my breast
down to my shin I'm covered in sin
mu thoughts wander wide
off to the place where I can be
naked with him and he can see me
I roll over then and face the wall
I can't believe what I'm doing
I feel like I should be on fire
like a wild fire, spreading
all over my body, the visable affect
you cannot see
what's going on inside of me?
up and down and inside throughout
I'm finding this is what life is about
I think it's naked time again...


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