The Best Erotic Stories.

by Silkyheat

Spread out
no haste
I await
my fate

I see
you approach
Tingling, tied
to posts

Wetness below
I feel
I watch
you kneel

Between my
spread legs
My pussy
does beg

It's shouting
with juice
Please enter
please use

You use
your lips
Just like
a kiss

I want
to move
But I
can't move

That makes
me burn
Oh how
I yearn

You bring
me there
And then
you leave

I'm so
damn lost
I start
to scream

Then you
come back
And dive
nose deep

I'm in
a Heaven
I want
to keep

Not much
squirming no
My cries
tell though

So happy
I am
I found
my man


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