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Bald Plains
by J Monty

On the bald plains of the Southern Hemisphere
where the vegetation was cut away
I explored with my own smoothness

I interrogated the feminine wiles with my eyes
felt the flesh of earth with my fingertips
tasted the gifts it had to offer

I spent an eternity, bewildered and entranced
becoming one with the bald earth

This land was full of life
flowing with wine that entrances man
I had become drunk,
with the juice of this smooth land

So long that I stayed
My hairless head
laying on the land

The feminine fire
burnt my skin
and raised the temperature
of my thoughts

I have traveled this country
from the mountains to the caves
from the grassy plains
to the face of small villages
where houses were full of life like deep green eyes
and inhabitants spoke with sweet breath

the bald earth however created an excitement
like no other
and a place where the hairless longbranch
soon will visit again
in my mind, of passion


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