The Best Erotic Stories.

Border Town
by writer34

It was a panty raid from above
Puffy white clouds worn like ten
gallon hats at the craps table
You kick the bucket
the mule the dog the ghost
of September's loves
out here in the middle of everywhere
sage talkin' robots puppeteered
by the wind and you
my distant love shore demise fate fuck
are standing somewhere
coda for a cocksucking queen
of hearts/ace of spades
stands alone
no fear of breathing
one whiff of her sweet poison
Perfumed death hardens the glans
quickly I pray
give me liberty or give me her
fuck in black heels
hiding behind her smile
is the knife so sharp
the wound still weeps
on uncertain days


Drinking cold coffee
under desert blue September
I feel safe until
White cotton clouds slide back
to reveal the ultra pussy
that birthed me and killed me
is not an ancient Goddess
or mirage like dust devil
in the rearview receding
I've seen her dance in border towns
where the slots are tighter
than her one finger fuck pussy
Just this side of the imaginary line
between states reasoning and not
pull the handle down
I always hit triple 7
on my way out of fear
back to being
so coldly remotely rationally
for too long
never with her enough
This breeze says
you may forgive but
you'll never forget


Try getting bit by a spider
now and then
Feel its poison slowly work into your brain
Then go gambling
in that aching feverish adrenaline state
I won a hundred
Wanted to fuck the coffee shop cutie
so bad rolling over hard-ons all morning
and afternoon sleep
Wake up wishing I was sucking
on the tailpipe of death
Fools may rush in
but I circle in like a vulture
waiting on my own death


In the desert
you can't remember your name
some idiot sang
but you sure as hell can remember her
White cotton panty parade
I wanna be your dirty girl
whisper to your fist
Are you pullin' on it
give her the nine hundred and ninety-ninth tribute
drops of white on pure simple
stupid everywhere forever


Never talk to the dealer
is not your friend
unless you're up and planning
your exit
is just a short courageous
walk away
Cash in at the cage
Does green money feel better than chips
Never and always
is the way I remember
her game


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