The Best Erotic Stories.

by Romeo Blue

Candid, I can be candid,
but only because you demanded,
I am your slave after all.
Your slave, your servant, Master,
you're my whore and I'm your bastard,
and I'm at your beck and call.

You say don't stare, I look away,
you say stick it there, I play,
then suddenly you spank my ass.
What have I done, was I bad?
Or good, maybe the best you've had?
Class is all you are and I'm in class.

you nasty bitch, you make
me itch, for you and all
you do. Evil little whore,
so much more than I could
have imagined.
I lick and I stick it
where it will do the most
good. Should I sway my
hips? Will that tickle your
pretty pink lips? Will it drive
you up the fucking wall?
All, you are all. When I
cum, orgasm, and my body spasms
and the juice begins to flow,
no, no, you can't know. It
makes me so weak. I seek
strength and support, but to
you I am simply sport, not
to be taken seriously, just
Okay, what you say, I will
be your slave and I'll behave.
I won't rant or rave, I will
simply do. For to be with
you is what it's all about.
-No doubt.

Was I good Mistress, was I,
or will I be punished by you tonight?
Please tell me and put my mind at ease.
Will I be spanked and beaten,
will I be tenderized and eaten,
can I Mistress, can I, please?

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