The Best Erotic Stories.

by Basforte

The singer sings his sick solo song
Bond lank hair flowing wild and long
Frantic fingers wildly fret
A mad electric parody

Lithe, young, model physiques
Makes young girls cry, scream and shriek
The backing group keeps blasting out
Perfidious incants of modern song

Crazy, coloured, peacock gear
Shining white Disney teeth
Outrageous words, all sincere
All grass and grief

Chaotic colours, screaming supersonic noise
Amplifiers whistling, girls look like boys
Strobe lights blinding, young brains distort
Faces full of frenzy, agile bodies contort

Leather clad louts, dressed like Nazis
Gay young men wailing like banshees
Lithe young figures caught by music's rhythms
Brings nubile girls their first orgasms
And the lead guitar
Plays on and on.


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