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Catching An Angel
by Magic Man

My lips, tremble quiet from you,
brush silk from your face,
kiss there your brow, your mouth,
your closed lids embracing soft
those eyes haunted by me
possessed of me and you.

Tender hands caress my face and neck
sending fingers of love's small wonders
past my ears and grasping firmly my jaw
pull my mouth upon yours
I watch you from the inside of my eyes
open again, locking onto mine,
not letting go my gaze cutting deep
inside of us, we linger talking with our eyes,
whose voices are familiar and should be,
after all, they are the same.

Thighs, hips, tummy and breasts nestle
sweetly into each other searching
and finding a perfect fit with us.
Your legs give way, knees pointing out
and the pieces fall nicely into place.
My legs and hips inside yours,
your belly pushed up into mine,
breasts pressed supine from my weight,
mouths attached resting under eyes
that search for only the truth.

Is there love here an earnest query
from your heart wondering loud enough
for me to hear, and my answer
"Let me fly with you to see what is real,
touch me and know what I know."

My eyes of yours beg belief at what they see
in their mirror image. They are the same.
Why can't they see the colors so obvious to me.
You lift the veil for me to see the sharpness
of the hues within your heart, stark shades
run brightly in my thoughts, no longer hidden from view.

The warm moist wonderful mist of you
surrounds me, taking me in, protecting me.
Fingers beckon me enter, grasping me
Guiding me into sweetness.
O lord my soul moves from me to you
and back again, over and over
taking me in, gasping for the breath
that makes me want you more.
I'm after all only human.

Hushed gasping love words exhaled,
you surprised me with the swiftness
and honesty of your desire,
out from under wraps we'd clad us in
before, now reckless in abandoning the same.

My eyes slam shut tight at the thought
of you escaping my mind, your gate swings
my way open you say and I agree.
looking backward into my thoughts
you make me smile and hum and moan
happily from my throat and nose.
You are simply in me.


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