The Best Erotic Stories.

Come Here Woman
by erOTic

Come here woman. Come closer.
Let me put my arms around you.
I'm going to kiss you.
You looked hot tonight. So hot.
Your lips are so sweet.
I just want to take a small bite.
You know what I want to do?
I'm going to push you down on the bed.
Yeah, you look hot lying on the bed.
I'm going to climb on top of you and kiss you more.
Mmmm... I love to kiss you deeply.
I love to kiss your lips and bite them.
I want to kiss your face and chew your ear.
Hmmm... Am I rubbing your clit with my leg?
It's getting you started isn't it.
I thought you were a horny little slut.
You want me to pinch your tits, don't you.
You like that don't you.
Oh. You don't want me to take the pressure
off your little cunt, do you.
Well, let me get back to kissing you. Hard.
I'm squeezing your tits.
Rolling your nipples between my fingers.
You're starting to rub your clit against my thigh.
You're a hot little slut aren't you?
You really need it.
I'm going to keep kissing you like this.
I'm going to hold your head with one hand
and press your lips against mine.
I'm going to stick my other hand under
your tight your tight little ass
and push you harder against my leg.
Oh, moaning now are you?
Tell me how much you want me.
Yeah, talk dirty like a horny slut.
Tell me how you want your pussy fucked...

Let me push your skirt up.
Damn your pussy looks hot with those garters.
And that little slut-skirt you are wearing
barely covered your ass.
Every time you bent even a little
The tops of your stocking showed.

I bet that's why you're so hot.
Dressing like a slut
Made you feel like a slut.

Well, I'm going to fuck you like a slut.

But I think you need a little discipline.
Roll over and stick that ass up in the air.

Good. Now this is going to hurt.
I'll try not to leave welts too big.
You like it when I whip you don't you?
You especially like it when I whip your cunt.
Push it up higher so I can hit it better.
Oh come now, those little whimpers
Make me think I'm not hitting hard enough.

There we go. Scream louder.
I want the neighbors to know
That I'm punishing my little slut.

That's good. Now, turn around
And take off my pants.
That's it. Now my underwear.

Now open your hot little mouth.
I need you to get me hard.
Oh yeah. That feels good.
You suck my dick better than any whore.

You like to suck my dick
while I whip you,
Don't you?

Why don't you rub
that hot little clit too.

Oh yeah. I like it when you moan.
I feel it all the way through my body.
I'm going to grab your head
And fuck your mouth.

Oh yeah. Fuck that feels good.
Mmmm... Let's stop this for now.
Lay on your back like a whore.
I'm going to fuck you!

Take my cock and stick it in your pussy.
Oh yeah, that feels good.
But you don't seem wet enough.
I bet you don't get really get started
Until the third or fourth fuck, Do you?

Oh, you want me to leave my cock in?
Well, I don't think your ready
For my cock yet.

I want you hotter.
Lay back now.
Let me suck on your tits
while I play with your clit.

You like that don't you.
Tell me how much you
Would rather feel
My hard cock pistoning
Deep inside you.

Do you like it when
I kiss your clit?
You like to have
Your clit licked, do you?

Let me hold your ass
with my hands
so I can get a better view
of your hot little clit.

There. You like that,
Don't you?
Tell me how much you like it.
I want the neighbors to hear
Just how much you like
Having your clit licked.

Oh, you're starting to cum?
Good. Let me lick harder.
No, I won't stop.
You're going to cum again.

Yes, I want you to scream
So loud it hurts my ears.
Good. Now roll over
On your hands and knees.

Take my cock in your mouth again.
Oh god your mouth, it's so hot.
Don't worry, you'll have a chance
To catch your breath.

Let me take my hard cock
out of your mouth.
Stick your ass up a little higher.
Put your head down on the pillows.

You want me you fuck you?
Tell me how bad you want it...
I don't think your serious.
Tell me. Say it loud.

Say "I want you to fuck
my hot little cunt!"
Say "I need your cum
Deep inside me."

Good. Oh yeah that feels good
It so fucking hot. Speak to me.

Tell me how hard to fuck you.
Yeah, I'm going to fuck you harder.
I'm going to fuck you so hard
You'll be sore for a week.

Damn that feels good.
You cunt is so hot.
I like squeezing your ass
while I pump your pussy.

Oh you scream so loud.
It's making me want to
Come deep inside you.
Oh yeah. Fuck that's good.

Oh fuck, I'm going to come.
Here it comes baby.
Oh yeah... Fuck!
I'm coming. I'm coming.

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