The Best Erotic Stories.

Circles of Kisses
by WriterDom

Circles of kisses
surrounds passion
inescapable moans
bleed hot against skin

Pressed down
smothered by lust
fingers lock
palm to palm

"Now," you beg
to be filled
made whole
taken hard

Like a primal drum
a metered beat
between silky thighs
a musk wet wonder

A knock against
flooded gate
pink lips encircle
a sweet burn slides

Inside to hilt
of soulful being
a withering wench
locks her legs

Pulls deeper
a smear of kiss
as lips rock
in a tossed sea

Of unbridled lust
a squeeze within
impaled, then spit
to trembling slit

Nails etch each stroke
hips heave to meet
bone deeply buried
above puddled sheet

Come with me
ride this tide together
a duet of gasps
sweet unwinding

Leaving two breathless
sharing one love
till the last star winks
past the end of time


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