The Best Erotic Stories.

Crescendos of Love
by Jan M.

Heavenly whispers, wrapped in a gentle breeze,
paint the plains, hillocks and deep valleys
of naked ivory, flawlessly dressed in
velvet beauty and silken skin.

Lips glistening in the starry light
cherry-red and full and hot tonight,
closing gently over that pillar of might,
slowly claiming that sword's delight.

Fluid stabs drive the weapon home,
through the arches and under the dome.
Down the tunnel, seeking the womb,
quivering, encased and entombed.

Cries erupt, bodies fiercely sway,
voices soaring far away.
Crescendos of love for all to hear,
telling them ecstasy is near.

Lightning thrashes the sky - their bodies trembling lie.


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