The Best Erotic Stories.

by Dave HTT

How lovely it is when dreaming
to have your lover in your mind,
How much better in the morning,
to find her there at your side.
To see her body kissed by daybreak,
a silhouette against the light.
To see her breathe and lie in peace,
and think about the previous night.
Her flesh lit pinkly by the dawn,
her breasts rise and fall in ripples.
Gently, gently comes the sun,
and with it first sight of her nipples.
Rosy buds that tip the hillsides,
voluptuous, wondrous, mounds of pleasure.
Where in-between you have nestled,
moments you will always treasure.
To watch her turn, to begin to wake,
lying there before your eyes.
Revealing all her hidden secrets,
the gentle forest between her thighs.
Legs like marble, cool and precious,
hiding her secret safe within.
And then those legs, when they open,
allowing your head to lie therein.
And when you rise from giving your efforts,
your hands grasping her shapely hips.
What a pleasure to see above you,
a further pair of kissable lips.
And when she wakes to my kiss,
and smiles at me in days first light.
It s then that I remember
what those lips did to me last night.
And later, as I entered you,
and saw you rising over me,
your body moving up and down,
me and you becoming we.
You on me and me in you,
your breasts firm in my fingers.
Moving, moving, until at last
a brightly burning memory lingers.
And now that picture stays within me,
forever I erupt, into you above.
And ever will there live inside me,
a deep emotion of pure love.


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