The Best Erotic Stories.

Digital Desire
by Island Girl

As night falls he appears
His strong fingers
Quietly caressing the keyboard

I want to be those keys
Played with and stroked
Mastered and learned

Standing naked before him
I ask for help to attain
Love's sweet release

Softly whispering my name
He urges me to find the lost
Unexplored places of my body's terrain

Silky essence starts to flow
As he takes control
Seeming to know

How to reach my core
Driving me to places
Never visited before

Guided by my sighs
I envision his fingers
Between my parted thighs

Exploring my secrets
Searching the wetness
Of the soft velvet within

His key strokes
Arouse my every sense
As he brings me

To ecstasy so intense
I cum ... moaning his name
Over and over

My teacher
My friend
My lover


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